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    Bragging Board 2022 - Fishing Photos

    Got on a two nice smallie trips a couple weeks ago. 2 of us the 1st trip and 3 the 2nd. Were catching 15-20 fish per person each day. Most were in the 15-20inch / 2-4.5lb range. An absolute blast.
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    seal plastic fuel tank

    I would use an epoxy
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    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    Let us know how that works if you do and if it's any good the recipe please.
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    Ky public land

    From my experience, most of the wmas are not kept up the way most of us imagine managing a large tract of land. With that said, there are two sides to the coin and as ky_swamp mentioned there are some benefits to the thick cover.
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    Bait for minnow trap?

    Dog food works
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    Storm Again

    Went through within sight of the end of my driveway. Just limbs for us to clean up. I will have to take down a large tulip poplar but nothing a chainsaw can't handle. Power was out until 5pm today.
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    Suspicious tax refund check

    Maybe some stimulus or child tax credit money that hadn't previously been accounted for?
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    Another 4 lb crappie....

    Something to be said for this.
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    JR in Ky this ones for you!

    I really like that. Looks great!
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    Another 4 lb crappie....

    B Biggins. I would be going back to that spot
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    Anyone have a white bass report?

    They're biting, would be a good time to take him.
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    Paintsville Lake tournament article

    No doubt climate is a contributing factor as is the fact that most Florida lakes are grass lakes vs rock. But supposedly the biggest factor is dna genetics. Kind of like different subspecies of whitetail, elk, etc. They all just don't grow the same. There's been a big push among the pros to...
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    Paintsville Lake tournament article

    They supposedly grow bigger and at a much faster pace.
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    Wood duck boxes

    I would install one at each end of the 75yard stretch. Ive had luck with them in fairly close proximity. Only way to find out is to try. Make sure to install some sort of predator guard if you're nailing them directly to a tree
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    Heavy crappie

    Must have been an awful poor looking fish at 25inches long. World record white crappie was only 21inches and world record black was 19 and change.
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    C. A. T. S.

    I like the Stevens choice. Not much on the other two personally.
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    C. A. T. S.

    Let's hear some names of who everyone wants to replace Cal with...It's not going to happen with a buyout like that but for fun, who are you'll going to pull from another powerhouse school?
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    For you LR turkey snipers

    Charts say approximately 175 lead #5s per ounce vs 360 tss #9s per ounce
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    C. A. T. S.

    Will Wade didn't get fired for his W-L record though

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