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    Husband and Wife or Get Drawn For Bull!?!?!?

    I can honestly say I don’t have any connections in Frankfort. Seems that some outfitters relations get drawn each year though. On another note, where is a person supposed to hunt in area 7 if that’s where they get put? From the map I saw, there isn’t any public ground on that area.
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    It’s official

    It’s definitely a mess the way it has turned out. I think all the elk will be gone in another 10 or 20 years. Great idea with a sad outcome. Perrymax. Congrats to your daughter for getting drawn. Hope you all have a great hunt and she gets a big bull. We’ll be waiting to see the video. Tell...
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    It’s official

    No tag again this year. That makes 22 or 23 years. Never missed a year of putting in and never been drawn. Good luck to those who drew.
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    Congrats. Hope you have a great hunt.
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    Just go to kdfw web site and click on elk lottery and follow directions on which hunt you want to apply for. 10 bucks a chance and you can apply for 3 chances.
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    Then and now...

    Congrats on 38 years.
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    Ron LaClair

    Prayers for his family.
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    Good Documentary

    401k down over 100k and gas at $4.35 a gallon for unleaded. Funny way to build back better. Supposed to retire in 3 years. Don't see that happening with this bunch in office. 3 years from now there won't be anything left.
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    410 ammo

    Richmond Walmart limits to 1 box of whatever.
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    Proof that the majority of our state are mooches on the draw

    Where is this economic boom the article says Beshear is leading us into? Check out your 401k if you want to see the opposite of an economic boom.
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    Thanks Everybody

    Prayers sent for you Grago. You can beat this and then hammer them longbeards next year.
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    Just hack a notch in it and squirt with gly and it will kill it.
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    Cedar prices

    Seems the outfit that bigbonner posted is the best bet with them buying logs at $125.00 per ton. "We buy logs at $120/ton by weight or at $.58/log ft by measure"
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    Check out this trail!

    Definitely well worn.
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    New Tractor

    Didn't know those Deeres came with an operator. :):) That's about the size of my Kubota. Does all I need it to. One thing I would recommend is a Piranah tooth bar that attaches to the bucket. Made in Knoxville,TN. Best thing I have added to mine. Saplings and bush honeysuckle can be cut...
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    Prayers for my brother, Wyatt

    Prayers for your brother going up.
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    Cold morning

    Congrats on a couple of good ones.
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    Y'all who love your dogs will understand this....

    Going to be some tough days coming your way but you’ve given her 12.5 years of love and care. Sounds like she hit the jackpot when you all found each other.
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    Miss Me Yet??

    How bout 97 bucks to top off the superduty. Thanks joe
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    Elk Draw is open

    We’ll, I guess the loyalty redraw is true since it is laid out in the latest edition of Kentucky Afield. It’s on page 31 if you want to read it. Looks like I may get to hunt a ky elk before I die after all. Been putting in since the first year and never drawn. Hope I can find one when the time...

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