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  1. pbrdrnkr

    So, Who Would You Like, Who Could It Be, and Who Do You Think It Will Be?

    AS usual mills you are wrong. :)
  2. pbrdrnkr

    So, Who Would You Like, Who Could It Be, and Who Do You Think It Will Be?

    I don't see any big name coaches coming uk fans have finally shown the whole country what everyone in the state has known for a long time uk fans suck. Turn you back on the team cause they are losing you can't win em all. Try supporting them instead of destroying them. Oh yea one more thing GO CARDS
  3. pbrdrnkr

    So, Who Would You Like, Who Could It Be, and Who Do You Think It Will Be?

  4. pbrdrnkr

    Gillespie Gone!!

    He should have been given more time. Just like Kragthorpe it takes time to get the people in place to get YOUR program going. Maybe uk needs a new AD. I hope all you blue fans are enjoying watching the CARDS in the NCAA Tourney.:D
  5. pbrdrnkr

    UK Times

    Go cards!!!!!!!!
  6. pbrdrnkr

    Congragulations CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Way to go cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. pbrdrnkr

    do you really "need" a generator?

    I have 2 small kids and the first 3 or 4 days weren't that bad we cooked on camp stoves and had lanterns for fuel but we haven't had anything for nine days we love the generator even though it cost me 242 dollars for gas and Kerosene
  8. pbrdrnkr

    UK loses 3 in a row

    Man my power has ben out for 9 days and I'm back and typical uk fans a week ago you were whining were not ranked you got ranked and now of course you're not and again ah we suck what the heck support your team!!! win or lose.
  9. pbrdrnkr

    Ice storm was first test for Obama's FEMA

    I just got my power back today arond 2:00 p.m. it has been 9 days no help from anyone. I bet if this would have happened in New Orleans or Chicago the Gov. would have been all over it I am out 242 dollars in fuel ( gas Kerosene) over 9 days and a 1200 dollar Generator whos is going to help me...
  10. pbrdrnkr

    Should UK be ranked

    Didn't you say about a week ago if UL beat Syracuse then they might have done something to talk about ? Now that they did oh Syracuse is overratted. I the rankings are such a joke with all these overratted teams then why areuk fans whining about not being rated?:)
  11. pbrdrnkr

    1-25-09 Sunday chat thread

    Watched the Cards beat Syracuse!!
  12. pbrdrnkr

    Go cards!!!!!!!!!!

    Yea baby!! Way to go cards!!! Looking good big win to go in there and pull one out. Nicely done
  13. pbrdrnkr

    Swap meets

    where in Tay;orsville?
  14. pbrdrnkr

    Hurt UK player

    I hope he will be okay!!Keep us posted
  15. pbrdrnkr

    Home defense

    Those were some pretty neat shells. I myself keep my crowd sweeper loaded with #4 Turkey loads just in case.
  16. pbrdrnkr

    "Our President is black"

    I 'm racist because I work and send my kids to school to learn and be better people.I have zero tolerance for lazy people regardless of color.
  17. pbrdrnkr

    I think this song explains it all!!!

    I second that. What a joke
  18. pbrdrnkr

    Another Poll

    Let me see I would have to say Cold Beer for me
  19. pbrdrnkr

    Louisville Fans ONLY

    I just wanted to see what you guys think about the up coming games for the CARDS. The last few game have just about wore me out, all coming down to the wire. They have definitely been exciting to watch. Look forward to the rest of the season.GO CARDS!!!!!
  20. pbrdrnkr

    Do you think Ky should have been ranked...

    Wow that was original!! I think the only one whining is Art, I was just commenting on the warning cause I see a whole lot of stuff on here and was surprised that what I said warranted a warning:p

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