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  1. Colorado_Hunter

    Walmart's February sales are a "total disaster"

    You won't hear a peep from the Liberal news networks about the price of gasoline. When it was $1.86 during Bush's stint, it was one of the leading stories.
  2. Colorado_Hunter

    Tax Returns?

    AND that my friend is what is wrong with these Asshats in DC, taking money from those who work and/or running up the national debt to give money to A-holes that use the system to get money they didn't earn. Millions of people actually believe that someone owes them a living, they are just...
  3. Colorado_Hunter

    President getting ready

    IMO, he was neutered when they had the Democrats only meeting a few days ago. They told him they were not going to fall on their sword for him on this one. The Executive Orders he signed today amount to a hill of beans. Obama used the same number of children that Hitler used, when he had...
  4. Colorado_Hunter

    Doing a little painting this winter

    I am looking for someone to paint murals on a bunch of old saws that I have. The lady that was painting them for me must have gone into the witness protection program, along with one of my saws.
  5. Colorado_Hunter

    Arrowhead hunters

    Sorry, but those two are not Clovis Points!
  6. Colorado_Hunter

    Gall bladder or acid reflux?

    Ensure you tell the Doctor you don't want to be sedated, you want to take it like a man! Seriously though, you won't feel anything. I have to have the upper GI (Endoscopy) done every six months, it's no big deal.
  7. Colorado_Hunter

    Fantasy Football

    Hopefully I will do better than last year or the year before. [email protected]
  8. Colorado_Hunter

    Honestly, do you really think Obama will get beat this election?

    IMO if the economy and gas prices keep going South, Obama will lose badly. The fact that the media as much as they would love to have Hope Changey back in office barely has him beating his opponent really means that Hope Changey is in trouble.
  9. Colorado_Hunter

    otter creek

    IMO stirring the fire doesn't resolve anything. Not really sure what your agenda and/or motive is other than to slam hunters and basically call them Bambi killers. The bottom line is OCP is now under the control of a new entity, one that allows hunting. Whatever happenend in the past doesn't...
  10. Colorado_Hunter

    Obama rejects Keystone project

    I read somewhere that it takes something like 20 billion dollars to build a new one, plus you have to have like over 500 different permits. Virginia tried to build one and after almost 10 years of court battles and waging battle with the enviornmental whackos, they said the heck with it.
  11. Colorado_Hunter

    Derby Festival Mini Marathon

    My running days are over, I used to kick out sub 1:20's for the Mini. Might be the reason my knees are done now.
  12. Colorado_Hunter

    Gut shot recovery time.

    Give Bear Grylls a call, if he eats it and don't die, then it has possibilities! :cool:
  13. Colorado_Hunter

    Obama Approval Rating is Rising: The Highest it's been since last July!!!

    If nothing gets done, it will be because Obama is not willing to work with the Republicans to get things done. The buck has to stop somewhere and it can't go no higher than the President. The President is supposed to be the leader and get people together and try solve problems, not add to...
  14. Colorado_Hunter

    Obama Approval Rating is Rising: The Highest it's been since last July!!!

    It worked because Bubba at least was willing at some point to work with the repubs to get some things accomplished. Obama is no Clinton, he is a Chicago crony who's sole purpose is to pretend that he cares.
  15. Colorado_Hunter

    Calling all Republicans ! ! !

    That is a plausable scenario and more than likely it will happen as you say. At least nothing gets done with divided government.
  16. Colorado_Hunter

    Obama Approval Rating is Rising: The Highest it's been since last July!!!

    When you rob Smith to pay Leroy, I am pretty confident that all the Leroy's will vote for Obama. There are many that thought that Hope Changey was the second coming of Jesus and they voted for him also. IMO the Republicans will retain the House and take over the Senate, so if Obama gets...
  17. Colorado_Hunter

    Caught A Poacher This Morning!!

    Honestly, you can't be serious! You mean to tell me that you are going to tell someone that may or may not have a loaded rifle that you want him to surrender it to you? You sir are either a really brave man or you have a wish to meet the man upstairs earlier than planned. :confused: IMO, you...
  18. Colorado_Hunter

    Pictures of forum members...

    ope you don't mind if I borrow this picture! :cool:
  19. Colorado_Hunter

    Big Cat confirmed in Michigan's UP!

    Some are even so smart that they join the Hobos and hop on trains, heck it beats walking. They even bring the road kill with them for a midday snack.
  20. Colorado_Hunter

    Big Cat confirmed in Michigan's UP!

    What's that you say?

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