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  1. ojibwa62

    Louisville is forcing unwilling coronavirus patients to self-isolate. Is it right?

    Definition of docile 1: easily taught a docile pupil 2: easily led or managed : a docile pony
  2. ojibwa62

    Louisville is forcing unwilling coronavirus patients to self-isolate. Is it right?

    Nope ... The toilet paper shortage has caused our politicians to use the Constitution instead.. This is still America isn't it? land of the free home of the brave? Maybe not. Is now land of the sheep home of the weak and docile .
  3. ojibwa62

    Any shopping with idiots stories out there?

    I like the Doterra essential oil on guard cough drops
  4. ojibwa62

    Baby boom next year???

    Actually took several things into consideration #1 being it was easier for me. In and out and on the tractor later that day.
  5. ojibwa62

    Folks ... IT AIN'T THAT BAD!!

    Funniest thing I saw during one of Lord Andy's 5pm gloom and doom pressors. A dude was speaking at the podium when he finishes steps away and Lord Andy takes the podium again, he started talking then asked the other gentleman for a some papers he had. Then Dude licks his fingers pulls out papers...
  6. ojibwa62

    April 4th devotional. Uncertainty

    Why to do Christians fear this time, why do they seem confused and unsure of what's ahead. We should not fear we should walk through each day with boldness a boldness that those of the world don't understand or comprehend. The world looks at us and thinks those people are crazy. Maybe it's...
  7. ojibwa62

    Get ready night sky watchers

    Comet Atlas is coming. Newfound Comet ATLAS is getting really bright, really fast By Joe Rao 15 days ago A comet that passed by Earth in December 2018. For years, amateur astronomers have been waiting for a bright, naked-eye comet...
  8. ojibwa62

    Study says up to half show no symptoms

    I believe I have read it does not help and also it can make it worse, but way too much conflicting info out there.
  9. ojibwa62

    Think you can't get it at church???

    Sorry your friend has it , time to drop to your knees and pray for his healing and recovery. Psalm 41:3 The Lord sustains him on his sickbed, in his illness you restore him to full health. I would pray that the virus leave him and cause no lasting issues. Will pray for his recovery as well.
  10. ojibwa62

    Think you can't get it at church???

    I personally never said you couldn't catch it at church. Of course believers can get sick we get sick with all kinds of things and sometimes die. But my God is a healing God and I am not afraid , I said it before if our church had services inside instead of drive-in style I would be there. I...
  11. ojibwa62

    Baby boom next year???

    other way around for me.. lol
  12. ojibwa62

    Study says up to half show no symptoms

    Since I work from home ( who doesn't now) I listen to a lot of talk radio and call in shows. In the past few days I have heard several older people call in to shows and say they are over this. They want to see their grandkids and families. They understand the risks but they don't care, most...
  13. ojibwa62

    KY Gov is over stepping authority regulating Interstate Commerce

    I like how Andy shows the the same graph from the 1918 Spanish flu every day , followed by this is how many people died.. But if they had social distancing like we are blah blah. He just said he is using data from covid act now whos data is unreliable. I personally am sick of this hack...
  14. ojibwa62

    Why democrats fear President Trump

    Fear? Don't think they fear him, they want to destroy him because he has an R by his name after signing this horrible bill he might as well have a D by it .. He failed this week , he offered no hope and bunch of mights and maybes he is listening to the wrong people. That bill he signed had more...
  15. ojibwa62

    Is this going to make you think of

    Who said all I had was paper.. I have goldline on speed dial.
  16. ojibwa62

    Is this going to make you think of

    Times like these make me extremely happy to have an emergency fund and are totally debt free. No matter what happens I have my God my family and a roof over our heads.
  17. ojibwa62

    April 3rd devotional.

    2 Timothy 3 is part of a letter or letters written by Paul while in prison to encourage Timothy to keep up the good fight. "2 Timothy 3:10–17 You, however, have followed my teaching, my conduct, my aim in life, my faith, my patience, my love, my steadfastness, my persecutions and sufferings...
  18. ojibwa62

    Pick a channel Andy

    Doing it in TN as well.
  19. ojibwa62

    6.6 Million jobs lost

    Much of the data he is using is based off the discredited imperial University study. This particular University also has a climate change agenda. If you dig deep enough you can find Soros. If we leave the economy shut down too long it will take years to come back if at all. It will also destroy...
  20. ojibwa62

    This is the website causing all the fuss

    Johns Hopkins has some good info.

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