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  1. wolverine1

    Did the Baby killers just get spanked?

    Yep... SHOULD...... Difference between that and shall.....
  2. wolverine1

    Did the Baby killers just get spanked?

    Lots of good points here but I'm going to say this.... If my 21 or 15 year old daughter is raped, obviously not their choice and forcefully committed I would have a hard time looking them in the eye and saying abortion is not an option. They would be forced to carry that child to term, no...
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    Good luck everyone!!!
  4. wolverine1

    Demon Disney

    Hypothetically, if you daughter comes to you one day and says "Daddy, I know you dont want to hear this, but I'm not attracted to men, but women" you are going to "whoop" her then drown her? Ive not experienced this myself, but have a very close friend who is going through this exact scenario...
  5. wolverine1

    You've got to be ******** me!! A TAX HIKE??

    Im not mentioning that as a "political" statement about "who did what" Only saying I cant see how something like that happens!!! My wife and I have a pretty decent adjusted gross income, we both claim single and 0, get hammered on taxes, and still have to pay the government. I'm not against...
  6. wolverine1

    You've got to be ******** me!! A TAX HIKE??

    This is what burns me up..... Was signing my taxes couple weeks ago and my tax lady tells me a story of a single mother who came in to do her taxes. This individual had an adjusted gross income of about 15k, with two dependents under the age of 17. Obviously she's working, at least part time...
  7. wolverine1

    Custom Calls

    PM sent
  8. wolverine1

    Anchor question for you pros..

    Chained super stakes or chained wolf fangs....
  9. wolverine1

    Creepy experiences while hunting

    I was climbing up into my tree one morning about an hour before first light. I had a headlamp on, red lens. As I was climbing up, all of a sudden I see a set of eyes looking at me, then another set. I was 20 feet up and it scared the fire out of me! Turns out it was a couple coons looking at me.
  10. wolverine1

    Last weekend of the season

    I finally put one down this afternoon! Took my buddies Ravin, had a chip shot at 30 yards!!
  11. wolverine1

    Last weekend of the season

    I’m going to give it another shot this afternoon. I’m not pulling any punches, breaking out my buddies Ravin.
  12. wolverine1

    Last weekend of the season

    I saw 2 at last light..
  13. wolverine1

    Last weekend of the season

    I’m in
  14. wolverine1

    Yellowstone season 4

    I was kind of disappointed myself!
  15. wolverine1

    Snow in the forecast???

    I wish it would stay cold!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. wolverine1

    Old bows

    I cant count the number of bows I have owned.... Its over 30 for sure... Just this year I had a PSE DNA, Elite Impulse 34, Mathews V3, PSE EVL 34, Prime Logic, Athens Vista 33 and now currently have an Elite Kure....
  17. wolverine1

    New/Ignorant trapper

    Lots of good choices for coyote traps.... Nothing wrong with a Duke 1.75 or #2. Duke have very strong springs, but not nearly as well made as an MB, KO, Bridger, etc... I use them on public land when theft is an issue..... Bridger #2 dog less is a great coyote trap for the money.... After...
  18. wolverine1

    Vaccine mandate

    The NHL is nearly 100% vaccinated, yet they are shutting the season down due to COVID...... The NBA is roughly 97% vaccinated, the NFL nearly 95%.. All 3 leagues are overwhelmed with COVID cases and hitting new highs...
  19. wolverine1

    Good price on deer stand

    Which Rural King?????
  20. wolverine1

    Need y’all’s opinion!!!!!

    I have Perry!!!!!! I may set a few traps eventually.... maybe.....

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