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    Hydrodip today

    Great job, there is definitely a market for it, once you get everythingthe way you want it id say just people talking would get you a good bit of work . I have had 6 or 8 people ask me to dip for them when they seen mine.
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    20ga tss

    Midway usa did have it in stock
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    Potential new regulations

    i would like for them to extend trapping season especially on coons. where i hunt i think nest raiders are the biggest problem, theres not any chicken farms or big ag other than cattle. i have tried to thin all predators as much as i can, when i first started running cams several years ago i...
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    Loaded some 9 shot TSS

    looks great, thats the same reason i started loading my own last year, i just wanted to kill them with shells i loaded myself. for myself its just another thing i can do that adds to the whole experience. good luck with them this spring.
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    2022 KY Youth

    We was talking yesterday that this is the first year connor isn't gonna be able to hunt youth.he turns 16 this month. I told him he's gonna have to hunt with the big dogs this year no head start haha,I always really enjoyed youth taking him kinda helped with the itch to go, I don't know if ill...
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    20 gauge

    im a big fan also, between my dad,stepson and myself we all use pistol grip guns for turkey. i used thumbhole stocks for a while and i liked them also.
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    20 gauge

    i really like my franchi affinity. you can get them already dipped in bottom land and also if your a pistol grip fan they came out with a pistol grip version.
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    Kawasaki Tyrex

    I used to take care of some cows for a guy and he had 1. It was tuff and I liked it no major trouble other than just wear and tear stuff. My wife's cousin has a 4 seater and a far he really likes is
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    Getting deer off food plots without spooking them

    have you all tried having another person hunting with you all drive you and your dad in then take the 4 wheeler back out to a spot you dont normally park.
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    Under ground basement style house

    Looks great, this is the same way we are currently building. When me and my wife first started talking about building we was gonna do a basement with another story on top of it. We got to talking about stairs and the added expense and decided to just make it a little bigger and only have the 1...
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    Dexter: New Blood (season 9)

    I agree I would say it is over, it just wouldn't be the same
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    Dexter: New Blood (season 9)

    I hated to see it end like that. Me and my wife was looking forward to it coming back. I was hoping he would go to LA, It would be nice if they would do some more seasons like the first. I guess they could always start over with the ending of this episode just being a dream he had.
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    Just my luck

    i went back today and looked around for a while and didnt find any sign of him. i looked in the brush best i could and found a spot in the leaves where it looked like something had been laying but didnt find any feathers so hopefully he layed for a bit and got back on his feet. the scent on my...
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    Just my luck

    I had something happen I had never heard of happening to anyone else. i had looked at my cell cam and noticed a turkey flying in view. Next pic there was something in the brush that I thought could have been a coyote. I'm sitting here refreshing my cam every couple seconds. Another pic comes in...
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    Lumber prices

    I honestly don't know, my friend found the place and I don't remember the name. He has it saved somewhere.
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    Lumber prices

    I haven't spoke with them yet, I just found a price sheet. They seemed quite a bit cheaper on all lumber, they have advantec 40 a sheet. Like you said it maybe culls, I'm still a ways from being ready but the closer i get the more checking I will do.
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    Lumber prices

    i poured our slab Thursday. concrete at the plant we use was supposed to go up 12% after the first so i wanted to get some of mine done before that. my slab took 32 yards and im gonna need prob about another 40. at least i was able to save a little before it raised. i also have found a place in...
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    Urgent prayers needed!!! Photo.

    I hope and pray she has a healthy recovery. It's a shame people are like that, all it takes is a second to change several families lifes. my parents always told me if you drink don't drive, call us even if it's 2 or 3 in the morning. a few times I did and they would come get me and not say...
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    Anyone use a 20 gauge?

    I was leary when I first switched from the heavyweight 7s to tss but those #9 tss have really impressed me and I wouldn't want to switch back. We still have a box or 2 of the 7s that we shoot through a couple guns but if nothing happens when those shells are gone we will be shooting tss through...
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    Shotgun Red Dots?

    I'm a fan of the burris ff3. I have 1 on 2 of my turkey guns.

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