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    Who is up
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    scope fog and rain-

    Any products you have used to reduce scope issues?
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    anxiously waiting for my evening hunt. Had some action last night and a big one hanging around in day light on cam. Last hunt for me most likely.
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    hey finally picked up one after looking for a long time, want to get it going, want to have the best round for deer and coyote... using one cross hair and one bullet... opinons, experience, advice?
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    300 rcm?

    tell me about it? how does it shoot, ammo availability, is it still in production.
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    444 Marlin

    became a believer in the 45/70 last year on deer. Mostly in Ohio, Got lured into the 444 for increased velocity and less drop at 200 yds. So I picked up one. talk to me about your set ups, sighting in, experiences...etc..
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    What do you think this action looks like ?

    Looking to buy this gun used noticed the action scratch in pic? Opinion?
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    7mm Rem. Mag

    sighting in advice, ammo suggestions? opinions, etc....
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    Taxidermists guidelines for taking an Out of State deer?

    What does law state that a taxidermist must do when mounting an Out of state Deer?
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    45/70 set up for hunting, advice or experiences

    got a good idea what I want my marlin to look like and shoot like, but looking for others that have used them.
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    when is turkey season this year? 2016 spring turkey?

    trying to plan days off
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    444 marlin

    Looking for a deer rifle that I can get the most out of in KY, and Ohio, tell me about the 444, compare it to others etc...
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    7mm mag

    talk to me about this.
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    Whats your December 13, game plan. To ice that big buck.

    Where you setting up, why?
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    Lost half my deer hunting land to big money leasors.

    Another year back to the drawing board, now I have no place to hunt whenever I want only a place that is on the call system, call and if I can let you I will.:eek-new:
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    Ohio opening up to straightwalled rifles, whats the best one

    I got two shotguns I use for Ohio, one is scope and shoots about a 3 inch group at 100. the other is 20" slug barrel smooth bore shoots good at 50-75 for drive hunting... wanting to see what you all thing about replacements on the stand.
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    New vx2 optima

    bday present from the lady, how do they shoot?
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    Weatherby 257 magnum?? talk to me

    tell me about this round, and its capabilities, on deer and over all shooting. good bad experiences:confused:
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    338 win mag talk

    Trade for a Ruger mkII in 338 win mag. Looking for advice in scope, reducing recoil, sighting in, and possible use on deer?
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    HK or MIA for deer?

    Anyone using these rifles as a deer slayer? I love my assualt weapons and been wanting to take one to the stand for sometime.

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