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  1. HuntsItAll

    Elk Draw is open

    Anyone know why they extended the deadline to apply for the elk hunts this year?? Just curious?? I applied, and put my son in for a youth tag.
  2. HuntsItAll

    Fort Knox this weekend

    Yes, Took my son Saturday and Sunday. Had one in range both days, but couldn’t get a shot either day. Saturday was too thick, Sunday came in directly behind us… Still had a good time!!
  3. HuntsItAll

    Tagged Out!!

    This has been a great weekend!!! Double bearded tom yesterday! Jake today!! So proud of you Matthew!!
  4. HuntsItAll

    Youth season April 2nd and 3rd

    Matthew scored this morning!! Got to the blind we had set up early this morning. At daylight we never heard a gobble within a half a mile… Around 8 o’clock a hen fired up. Me and her went at each with full force!! In the process we heard a bird gobble a few times way off. Then hen ended up...
  5. HuntsItAll

    Youth season April 2nd and 3rd

    We’ll be out this weekend!! Taking my youngest daughter(10) and my son(12). Haven’t discussed yet on who’s shooting first…. My son has killed a couple turkeys already. So as long as my daughter can hold it all together, she’ll probably shoot first!! The blind is set already, and we’ll hear...
  6. HuntsItAll

    Last day of squirrel season

    I’d consider that a great hunt!! Congrats on a couple squirrels and a nice shed!
  7. HuntsItAll

    Next rifle???

    Looking at getting another rifle before next hunting season. What suggestions do you all have?? My kids (3 daughters and a son) are the main ones that’ll be using it. Currently they’re using a 243, and a 223. But my oldest will now be hunting by herself, and need another rifle for her to take...
  8. HuntsItAll

    Bucks are dropping

    How’d the brow tine get broken off like that?
  9. HuntsItAll

    Last hunt!!

    Had another great hunt this morning!! Got 9 out today!! Last one of the year for my kiddos. We’ve had a great season for squirrels! Big thanks to Derek for bringing out his dogs and letting the kids follow them around. Today hit the 100 mark for squirrels shot out to his dogs this season! Most...
  10. HuntsItAll

    Mount is complete.

    Great buck!!!! Buddy does all of our deer!!
  11. HuntsItAll

    Found the match!

    Found the match yesterday evening to the shed I found Sunday!!! Was about 300yrds from the first one. Can’t wait to see what he’ll look like next year! Love find these treasures!!
  12. HuntsItAll

    Squirrel taxidermist???

    Marion county
  13. HuntsItAll

    Squirrel taxidermist???

    Anyone got any good recommendations for a good taxidermist for mounting a squirrel?? Looking for options on getting my son’s squirrel mounted!
  14. HuntsItAll

    One heck of a day!!!

    Wasn’t sure which forum to put all this in because we covered several of them today!!! From deer, to small game, and even nest predators!!! Started out the day picking up a shed right in my corn pile!!! It’s from the deer I was really hoping to find.Then a good friend of mine brought his kids...
  15. HuntsItAll


    Nice finds!!
  16. HuntsItAll

    Some Boys and Some Beagles

    Awesome job young men!!!
  17. HuntsItAll

    Extras on the trap line!!

    It’s a Keystone Cricket 22 with a CVLIFE straight 4 power scope. Very accurate little setup!!
  18. HuntsItAll

    Extras on the trap line!!

    They were everywhere today!! Running a few traps on this 3 day weekend!! Seen a couple squirrels yesterday but only had the pistol with us. Today Matthew brought his gun and got his limit!! Started out just walking down our logging road and got 3, then we eased off a little point and they were...
  19. HuntsItAll

    Who's out there?

    SUCCESS!!!! Great afternoon in the woods!! Had 6 or 7 does come in tonight. That’s the most we’ve ever seen on a hunt behind our house. Matthew made a great shot!! Watched her go down about 50yrds away.

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