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  1. BirdBuster

    Kentucky Grouse Hunters Association Banquet

    Since that is not possible anymore, could it not be changed to a different day? I know it is to late for this year but maybe the years to come.
  2. BirdBuster

    Kentucky Grouse Hunters Association Banquet

    I would like to attend but I have not been able to because of a traditional grouse hunt we have the last day of the season. Can I ask why the banquet is held the last day?
  3. BirdBuster

    Remember those national park signs saying the glaciers would be gone by 2020?

    Hey wv67, I tried messaging you but I am unable to. Can you message me? I have a question for you.
  4. BirdBuster


    I know where a few covey's are. I will run my dogs on them occasionally just for the dog work. I have killed one in the last 3 years. That was when I was getting my youngest dog started.
  5. BirdBuster

    Woodcock migration?

    Thanks for the link
  6. BirdBuster


    They are a very unique little bird.
  7. BirdBuster

    Wisconsin drumming count.

    Be safe Mark and good hunting!!
  8. BirdBuster

    Wisconsin drumming count.

    I just back as well. Chessie202 and I must have been hunting the same spot because my report is identical to his. The only thing I can add is most of the grouse I found were feeding on crab apple. Got very little dog work on those birds, as they would fly out of the trees upon site of the dog or me.
  9. BirdBuster

    Wisconsin drumming count.

    Thanks so much for the information. Ruff Roven Aspen Reign is the grandmother.
  10. BirdBuster

    Wisconsin drumming count.

    Thanks for all of that information. I knew these lines were mostly field trial and not so much cover dog, that is why I listed them separately. The cover dog lines he his directly from are not that well known. Cover lines are Vitali's Grouseringer Stogey, and Ruff Roven lines. I understand that...
  11. BirdBuster

    Wisconsin drumming count.

    Coverdog lines. Grouse Feather Mark, Havelock Blacksmith, See Johnny Run.
  12. BirdBuster

    Wisconsin drumming count.

    Grouseguy, couldn't get it to send via message. Here he is.
  13. BirdBuster

    Wisconsin drumming count.

    Thanks for the buzz kill grouseguy.
  14. BirdBuster

    18-19 Kentucky Grouse Season

    Hunted 5 hours yesterday. First bird we had contact with, my young dog pointed it and my buddy made a good shot and he put that one in his bag. Second contact came up wild. Followed it up and got a nice point from my buddy's dog with mine backing. Bird escaped that encounter unharmed. Followed...
  15. BirdBuster

    18-19 Kentucky Grouse Season

    I do. I have only been out 4 times. I have moved 5 birds total. I killed one and felt bad to do that. I plan on going a couple more times before season but this is the worst I have felt to get motivated to go. The 5 birds I moved were all together on the same hunt.
  16. BirdBuster

    Out of Action/Dog Mauled

    Could you please share where you got these statistics? I would love to be able to use them but would need to quote the source.
  17. BirdBuster

    Quail Hunting

    Hey Russ, hunted our old spot that we moved those covey's years ago. Sad to say it was a blank. Hunted for 4 hours with nothing moved.
  18. BirdBuster

    ISO Toyota Pickup

    I am looking for an 2nd Gen Extra Cab Toyota V6 5 speed 4x4. The year of this truck run between 1989 and 1994. Truck must have a solid frame and not raged out. Dents and some rust are Okay. If it needs a motor and the price is right, that is Okay. My best friend had his stolen and the POS...
  19. BirdBuster

    18-19 Kentucky Grouse Season

    The goal was for today to keep a fresh dog on the ground to see what we could come up with. Hit 4, really good spots in the past, with a fresh dog at each spot but still came up with nothing. Bad disappointed!! Good luck to each that give it a try this year. Going to be another bad year.
  20. BirdBuster


    Just got back from Wisconsin. The numbers seem to be up slightly from last year. Found several woodcock. Due to the weather, lost most of the week of hunting. Flew two groups of grouse, of which I was able to take a bird from each. Both birds were this years hatch. That was promising. Birds were...

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