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  1. pbrdrnkr

    Congragulations CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Way to go cards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. pbrdrnkr

    Go cards!!!!!!!!!!

    Yea baby!! Way to go cards!!! Looking good big win to go in there and pull one out. Nicely done
  3. pbrdrnkr

    Louisville Fans ONLY

    I just wanted to see what you guys think about the up coming games for the CARDS. The last few game have just about wore me out, all coming down to the wire. They have definitely been exciting to watch. Look forward to the rest of the season.GO CARDS!!!!!
  4. pbrdrnkr

    Go cards!!!!!

    Wow what a game!!!good job cards.:d
  5. pbrdrnkr

    Idiots mudding on WMA!!!

    I was back Knobs State Forest today and saw alot of ruts and obvious unecessary tire tracks on private property that borders WMA. I talked to a land owner back there today and he said he has had problems with people driving in his fields and tearing them up. Wonder how long before this ends up...
  6. pbrdrnkr

    Congragulations Cards

    Good game on both sides. Glad the CARDS came out on top:)
  7. pbrdrnkr

    Its tip off time!!!!

    Good luck everyone may the best team win hope they both show up today.
  8. pbrdrnkr

    Just wanted to say

    Go cards!!!!!
  9. pbrdrnkr

    Looney Tunes marathon

    Sittin here with my 3 yr old daughter wayching the looney tunes marathon, haven't seen some of these cartoons in awhile. They are way better than the crap thats on now a days. I can't stand Sponge Bob but she likes it.Really don't like Dora or any of those either.My fav is Yosemite Sam and Fog...
  10. pbrdrnkr

    Older Cub Cadet better than new

    I am going tomorrow to look at a 1641 Cub Cadet I was told it is a 98 model only has 222 hours on it with the second owner he sais he hasn't used it in a couple years but starts and rides it around ocassionally. I have looked at the new ones and they just don't seem to be built well at all. I...
  11. pbrdrnkr

    Hope the Cards got the stink out tonite

    What an ugly first half!!! I sure hope they got all that out of them tonight, I want to see a good game come Sunday. We all wait all year for this game, I hope they both bring their best games on Sunday.
  12. pbrdrnkr

    Trapperman website

    Tried registering with and they want to play 20 questions with me before they let me into their chat. They say they get alot of Antis and can't be to careful. Seems like if you posted anything anti they could delete you then not run new people through the ringer. There is alot of...
  13. pbrdrnkr


    I have only been on here a few days and wanted to say thanks to everyone for sharing their thoughts and knowledge so freely, i look forward to many more opportunities to share.
  14. pbrdrnkr

    Why Guns aren't allowed on Craigslist?

    Anyone know why guns aren't allowed on Craidslist? I would like to browse some deals on guns and traps an such, is there such a place where the items are local? Just wondering thanks
  15. pbrdrnkr

    Winter storm warning

    Just saw we are suppossed to get a 1/4 in of ice tomorrow afternoon into Tuesday morning.
  16. pbrdrnkr

    Where to buy traps locally?

    Could someone tell me who sells traps around here (Bullitt County) I really want to get started trapping so I need some supplies. Posted an ad on here looking for a teacher as I am new trapping. So far haven't had any luck, I know everybody is busy running their traps right now would love to tag...
  17. pbrdrnkr

    Anyone near Lebanon Junction / Trapping

    I am really interested in learning to trap, I have seen the pictures and it looks like alot more fun than just sitting up and shooting. I was wondering if anyone would be willingto show me the ropes, I don't want to be a burden nor am I needing a place to trap, just someone with the knowledge...

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