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    Looking for a Lab pup

    We are looking for a Lab pup. Would rather have a black male. Needs to be from proven parents as he will be a hunting dog. Any info would be great.
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    Hunting on a private cemetery

    There’s a guy hunting a private family cemetery right next to a farm that I hunt. He claims that he’s hunting public land because he says the cemetery is public access. It is only 1/2 acre and is very grown up. This fool has two piles of corn in the cemetery and climbs a tree with a climber. No...
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    Guided hunt in arkansas

    I'm wanting to take my boys on a guided waterfowl hunt in Arkansas as a Christmas present to them. Would love to get them on a timber hunt but a rice field isn't out of the question. Any suggestions on outfitters would be great. Thanks
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    First velvet buck

    First day First velvet buck Best bow kill
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    Bull Elk Rifle week 1, zone 4

    My wife drew zone 4 for her elk hunt........was her last choice. We booked an outfitter very early. As I understand it, the elk units have changed quite a bit this year, taking some outfitters by surprise. I'm looking for some suggestions on some public land or even private land I could...
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    Bull elk week 1

    Wife drew a week 1 bull elk tag. We had ourselves a freak-out moment and scared the kids to death around midnight last night. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Word on the street.......

    is that the guy who's been running Ten Mile Pond, in Missouri, will be running Ballard WMA soon. Any truth to it? I would love to see some folks that know how to farm and run a successful hunting operation run Ballard.
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    Youth Season Throwback

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    Found some bone

    First trip shed hunting this year. We have found 16 sides.....only 3 complete sets. One was a 158" buck I shot and lost this year.
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    Found some bone

    First trip shed hunting this year. We have found 16 sides.....only 3 complete sets. One was a 158" buck I shot and lost this year.
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    My 2016 Buck

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    Another Ballard WMA question thread.....

    I've been drawn for ballard for tomorrow and am bringing my two youngans. Could someone please pm me some of the better blind choices. I don't want to spend another $45 to be a bird watcher. Any help would be great, thanks.
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    august coyote 2014 (video)
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    Missouri Conservation order question

    It's been a few years since I've hunted snows in Mo. Does anyone know which permits are required to hunt snows this year during the conservation order? Also, I dug out a box of T it allowed during the CO.
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    Short corn question

    Has anyone tried planting any of the short corn seeds, such as canamaize, for waterfowl? Ear heights of less than 24" and ears nearly touching the ground after wilt down seen like it'd be great in some of the shallow water areas. From what I've read, ducks can stand on dry ground and eat corn...
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    A couple of bucks I'm proud of.....

    sorry for a duplicate post. Can a mod remove this for me?
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    A couple of bucks I'm proud of.....

    Thought I'd catch up a little. Here's a few bucks taken by youngans and myself.
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    My youngest youngan's biggest buck

    Logan was lucky enough to connect on his biggest buck this morning just before 7am. He was very calm and made a perfect 40yd shot. I'm so proud of him and the young sportsman he has become.
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    165 gross velvet

    Posting this for my friend, Nick Darnell, he got this buck this morning. Quick gross score of 165. I'll let him tell y'all the story..........
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    Best for me so far......

    Give me some opinions on age and score please......

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