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  1. elkguy

    Deer and Covid article. 2/7/22

    Interesting article.
  2. elkguy

    Best bird taxidermist??

    Who is the best bird taxidermist in the state? Ducks, grouse, quail, woodcock, not turkeys.
  3. elkguy

    Heartwood and the Boone Grouse plan

    The US Forest Service and the Daniel Boone National Forest controls more potential grouse habitat than anybody else in KY. They could actually do something for grouse. But then you get this...
  4. elkguy

    Hunter numbers declining and so is $$ for wildlife conservation

    Here is a very well written article on how hunter numbers are declining and the impact that is having on wildlife funding. This affects license price increases, and demonstrates one of the problems with reduced prices for senior citizen licenses. Hunter numbers are declining and the population...
  5. elkguy

    Lexington Herald on line $120/year

    They now want me to pay them to irritate me.
  6. elkguy

    Black lab attacks skunk in garage

    Was awakened about 1:30 am by a strong, pungent, familiar odor. Came downstairs, opened the kitchen door going into the garage just in time to see the skunk spray my black lab again, in the garage. The door was left slightly open last night so the dog can go in and out during the night as...
  7. elkguy

    They want laws criminalizing kids working in tobacco fields

    Evidently, it is child abuse to have kids working baccer. This group wants federal legislation making it illegal for folks under 18 to work in tobacco fields. I only did it a little when I was a kid, but maybe you guys that grew up in it should file a lawsuit against the folks that hired you to...
  8. elkguy

    Virginia outlawing fox pens

    This is interesting. VA is outlawing fox pens. How many of these does KY have? I went to a couple of fox hound field trials in a pen down in Georgia back in the 90s. It was interesting when they released about 400 hounds all at once in a 450-acre pen. I saw mostly coyotes and just a couple of...
  9. elkguy

    Great morning with my 2 oldest boys!

    My 2 oldest boys came home for Easter and we made some great memories this morning. The oldest is an Officer in the USMC an the 2nd is an Officer in the Navy. Great morning humping the ridges of East KY!
  10. elkguy

    Solar power ignites birds in midair.

    These 2 statements from the story below are unreal: 1. During one visit to the Ivanpah plant in October 2013, the researchers "observed a falcon or falcon-like bird with a plume of smoke arising from the tail as it passed through the flux field," according to the study. 2. At times birds flew...
  11. elkguy

    KDFWR losing law enforcement; Senate Bill 66, House Floor amendment 3

    State representative Brent Yonts added floor amendment 3 to SB 66 today. It will move oversight of KDFWR law enforcement to the KY State Police. The amended bill has passed 2 votes and could get passed and become law soon. I don't think this is good.
  12. elkguy

    I Just spent $290

    I spent $290 buying a sportsman's license for me and my 18-year old son and applying for elk tags for me, my wife and 3 of my kids. Need to go pick up some cans now or something. Anybody else making contributions like this?
  13. elkguy

    What can we do about the threats to deer hunting?

    The thread I started about the threats to deer hunting has been interesting. None of the answers have been biological. They have all been social/cultural. Here is a brief list summarizing the threats as stated on that thread. 1. Lack of access to a place to hunt because of numerous causes...
  14. elkguy

    Green Decoys

    This is interesting. In all fairness, I know several people that work or have worked for these outfits, and they are good people. I also know some that have worked for these outfits that fit the stereotype this site tries to portray. Check it out.
  15. elkguy

    Prayers needed for baby with cancer and the family.

    In 2013, a new family moved to Corbin from Iowa and came to our church. They are very nice and decent people. They have 2 boys ages 8 and 6 I think. About 3 or 4 months ago, they had a baby girl. My wife went the extra mile helping the mom with the kids, cooking for the family, and just...
  16. elkguy

    Marines losing 2nd Amendment rights

    My oldest son is a 1st Lt in the USMC and is based at Quantico. He enlisted in 2004, got recruited into Recon, did MARSOC, sniper school, etc and is a combat vet of Fallujah. He is now at Quantico, but lives off base with his wife and 2 daughters. The Marines at Quantico just learned that if...
  17. elkguy

    What are the Threats to Deer Hunting's Future?

    What are the threats to the future of deer hunting? Some friends of mine and I have been having this conversation off and on for a while and the QDMA is seriously looking at this question. Think about what you want deer hunting to be in 20 or 30 years, and then list what you think the threats...
  18. elkguy

    East KY, the "White Ghetto".

    This is a very interesting and well written article about east KY and the "white ghetto". It may be a little harsh, but it is spot on…….and sad. Worth taking the time to read.
  19. elkguy

    To my Democrat friends and some grouse hunters

    To All My Democrat Friends and a Few Grouse Hunters : Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most...
  20. elkguy

    Trout at Laurel River Lake?

    Are they stocked and biting yet?