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  1. BikerTrash22

    Bike rallies.

  2. BikerTrash22

    Bike rallies.

    Not sure if any here like bike rallies but a friend of mine is having one close to Irvington ky Breckinridge Co June 16-19. 100% Angus AC/DC tribute band will be playing Friday night. They put on a great show if you like AC/DC (we can’t be friends if you don’t) Come on out, it will be an eye...
  3. BikerTrash22

    2022 morel season

    Hope I didn’t miss this season l. Just struck out at my farm. Last year I found 22 on April 11 nothing today in Breckinridge
  4. BikerTrash22

    Suspicious tax refund check

    I always pay quarterly, and never get a return. If for some reason I over pay, I just roll it over till the next quarter or year. My CPA couldn't explain it, but said the paperwork they sent a week after recieving the check was official. I will gladly accept some of my own money back. I think...
  5. BikerTrash22

    Suspicious tax refund check

    Actually I got a tax return this time and wasn't supposed to. They even sent a letter stating it was legit. My tax guy said it must be legit, so I cashed it.
  6. BikerTrash22

    You all see this......from Home Depot?

    I saw on the AR15 forum that it is from the Canadian Home Depot division.
  7. BikerTrash22

    ATV repair

    I watch several youtube videos of the same fix and then dig in myself. Sometimes have to watch again as I go. So far always had good luck fixing it myself with that method.
  8. BikerTrash22

    What dol auctioneers get to auction farmland

    Where is the farm?
  9. BikerTrash22

    30-30 Ammo

    What Walmart in louisville OP
  10. BikerTrash22

    BLM Activist Shoots at Louvil Mayor candidate

    He missed 5 times from 10'. Somebody get this guy to the range, damn.
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    Praying for your family Carl!
  12. BikerTrash22

    Music you like that would surprise people?

    I really like this song, but Jason Isbell turned out to be a liberal douchbag. I know, all artist probably are.
  13. BikerTrash22

    Music you like that would surprise people?

    Thank God its Friday! I'm ready to Run like the wind!
  14. BikerTrash22

    Our Walmart Has Ammo, In Stock....

    I have two little cans of #11 I would trade for some #209. E-town area if you want to trade.
  15. BikerTrash22

    Where's the ammo and primers Part 2

    Not sure if anyone needs 222 Remington but there was one box at Middletown Walmart. That 308 and 350 legend
  16. BikerTrash22

    Music you like that would surprise people?

    I believe Journey is the reason my wife fell for me. I had that CD in my home stereo and we danced to that entire Album. Well that's all I'm divulging about that.
  17. BikerTrash22

    Colorblind is new racist?

    Ask them if you do your job well. Ask them if they want you to stay employed. If all the employees did this, they would stop this BS. Lots of companies looking for workers right now. Go woke go broke.
  18. BikerTrash22

    Where's the ammo and primers Part 2

    $23.97 per box Remington core lokt
  19. BikerTrash22

    Where's the ammo and primers Part 2

    I got lucky and found 3 boxes of 30/30 at Walmart on Middletown rd in Louisville. They have 3 boxes of 270. And 3 boxes of 30-06 and some 308 hunting ammo still in stock if that helps anyone