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    Remington 1100 20ga barrel

    24" vent rib, choked modified. Good blue and very good bore. $190 delivered.
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    bird dog

    Looking for started or trained dog. Prefer female.
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    Wanted English Setter female

    I sent you a message.
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    Wanted English Setter female

    Looking to rehome a ES or Irish setter bird dog. Ideal dog would be started or experienced hunter. House broke also a plus. Also would consider any longer hair bird dog.
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    Where can I purchase flight conditioned quail in central KY? Also any place to buy Tenn reds?
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    early release quail

    Back in 2009 or somewhere close to that, I decided to put 10 acres of the 108 in native grasses. The program back then I think was called WHIP. The grasses did well and once mature it kept at least one covey around. Then my dad probably 2013-14 decided to let a family friend lease the farm for...
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    Versailles quail hunters

    I’d be up for some NM hunting.
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    Versailles quail hunters

    Any you guys travel west to hunt quail?
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    Peabody quail hunting

    Nice. I hope to get down there in the coming weekends.
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    Versailles quail hunters

    Any Woodford Co. quail hunters on here?
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    Bird dog trainer

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    Bird dog trainer

    Looking for someone to work a young EP. Busy time of year for me, hard to find time to work with her.
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    Registered English Setters

    I sent mcdenny a PM. Anybody know this guy or how to get in touch with him. Im interested in his setters.
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    AKC Registered English Setters For Sale

    Ok I able to PM you.
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    AKC Registered English Setters For Sale

    I'm interested. If i can figure out how to message you i will. If not please message me. Thanks!
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    Wtb: started bird dog

    Consider any breed.
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    The state released banded birds on Peabody?
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    Tennessee red quail

    mlittle appreciate the number. scsims....... Do I know you? My mom an dad live on wash mercer line. I'm from close to there my name is Sims also.
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    Tennessee red quail

    Anyone know where I can purchase these? I had heard someone in the Berea area that raise bobs also has reds.
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    Grouse hunting Canada

    Anyone done it?

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