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    ? for traditional/modern bowhunters

    I guess you could say I go both ways.[:I] I hunt deer w/ a compound, because for me I have more confidence w/it. I hunt rabbit, squirel, and fish w/ a recurve. Mike
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    I could see where it may increase Ky's tag and liscense sale if the way tags were issued was changed. My tags can be used for any weapon right now. I didn't quote this section because of it's irrelivance in the state of Ky. If this were Indiana where you purchase rifle, bow, mz, seperately...
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    My opinion We have all agreed the Crossbow is easier to master, I even quoted that from the articals. Am I the only concerned parent that thinks this stands to undermind the whole archery in the schools program? The program is put together to challenge the kids and keep there interest. Hand...
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    UBK Meeting

    It should be scheduled in the next Ky. Bowhunter magazine, which is due out in the next week or so. Mike
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    I got one!!!

    Congradulations! I hope it's a memory to cherish. I just hate seeing people jumping to conclusions. I apologize for my friends. Linch mob mintality has been running hot and the innocent sometimes get hung. Happy hunting Mike
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    I honestly believe the chance of that happening is very slim. I can't see the dept. having a new Crossbows in Ky Schools program. Lets get serious. I also believe that this whole premature talk of crossbows in Sept. is nothing but a ploy to raise a few peoples blood preasure and start some...
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    Most of the nation's archery-hunting organizations agree wholeheartedly. The <u><b>National Bowhunter Education Foundation</b></u>, the Pope & Young Club and the Professional Bowhunters Society all oppose the use of crossbows during archery-only deer seasons on the grounds that crossbows are...
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    Recently, a group of crossbow manufacturers demonstrated their products to the members of the wildlife advisory commission. "I was surprised at how quickly I was able to hit targets accurately at <u>75 yards</u>," said member Robert Gregory of Baltimore.
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    UBK MEETING?????

    Plenty of darn good reading on these pages with plenty of good points. Are we jumping the gun on this issue? I strongly feel that this issue and the $1 adder issue go hand in hand. Which is the lesser of the 2 evils? If the dept. does not see the population of antlerless deer killed that...
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    UBK MEETING?????

    Thanks Kenny....You covered pretty much everything....I think the highlight of the meeting was Tom Bennet's presentation. He answered so many questions that I had on where the dept is heading. Like I told you at the meeting, you have as much power in the organization as anyone of the...
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    Hunter's/Hungry Raffle

    One of my good friends(Scott King) won this ticket in 01' and killed a great deer at Ballard....The winner of the 02' buck had better have taken a great deer for what he paid for his tickets....He purchased every single ticket. Not one other person in the state of Ky. got a chance to purchase a...
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    Tresspassers & Logging

    If I remember correctly the law requires the persons to pay double the value of the tree....Problem here is this...Make sure the fence is the actual property line...On many old farms the fencing is "not" the actual property line....The farmers will place fencing in places that are easier to...
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    UBK Meeting

    Go ahead and hunt....I'll fill ya in when I get back...I plan on huntin that morning myself, but I'm only 30 minutes from Frankfort... Mike
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    Christmas gift giveaway!

    I luv free stuff....[:D] Mike
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    Now I know why I enjoy bowhunting so much!

    A trophy is in the eye of the hunter. No matter the choice of weapon, it is how you feel when you leave the field that matters. Some of us just choose to make it more challanging. )))---&gt; Mike
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    New to Archery

    I myself am now shooting a Hoyt. I swapped at the beginning of the season and love it. I shot the 03' models about 2 weeks ago and the ARE SWEET....I'm shooting a Cybertech now and as much as I liked the 03' models it's not worth the extra funds. Great bows, fast, quiet, but not as smooth on...
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    I recently hunted out of a Double-Bull T2 blind and fell in love w/it...Easy setup, great camo, and well built...Can't wait till spring turkey w/my bow.. )))---&gt; Mike
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    co with bad temper

    Shoot 270, What area of shelby Co. were you in?....For Glen Watson to be over in Shelby there must have been a preexisting problem. I know of as area on the border of Shelby/Oldham Co. that has one of the highest rates of poaching I've ever witnessed. You could just happen to be in the wrong...
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    New to Archery

    Pooge, You go to Field & Stream and Scott will have you shooting tight groups before you leave....You just have to listen to him and do what he says and he'll work w/ you...If you buy a bow from him you get free range time w/ it and he'll set it up great...The biggest must of archery is having...
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    Canada picture (MEAN DUDE)

    I guess I can pull the reward posters down that my wife put on the corner...You found my Lab. "Charcoal"......LOL...Beautiful mount... )))--&gt; Mike

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