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    Another crazy deer post...

    I saw the post of the crazy looking bucks locked together and thought I'd share this that I saw on Twitter a couple of days ago. Simply crazy.
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    What’s everyone’s favorite climbing stand?

    These are on Camofire for today's deals.
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    Killing late season bucks on corn

    I poured out corn on the ground up until the end of the season last year and saw the buck I was hunting. By far the biggest buck I've ever seen from the stand. It was in January though. Really cold!
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    Who's going out in the morning?

    Seen 3 earlier but no horns.
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    Lets see those deer slayers.

    Ruger M77 .30-06 with the stainless barrel and black skeleton stock shooting 165 gr Hornadys
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    Road KILL Report

    Yesterday morning saw a pretty good looking wide buck dead in the median at Clarkson exit on WK and saw a huge body buck dead this evening in the median on WK before you get to the Eastview exit.
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    Where’s the big boys at

    I checked my cam Wednesday and had three different shooters for the first time all season. The smallest one I'm pretty sure is the one I saw Saturday morning at 8:15 but he was out of my bow range. He showed back up Saturday evening at 7:20. All of them had necks beginning to swell. Also saw a...
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    Any guesses on age?...

    Grayson/Hardin line
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    Any guesses on age?...

    I had both on camera last year and they're both a little bigger than last year. Still waiting to see the biggest one I had from last year but at least I finally got some action to help with the confidence.
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    Any guesses on age?...

    Something was partially covering my lens so they're not the best vids. Any guesses on the age of these two?
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    Antler growth pics

    Saw one run over on WK Parkway at the Eastview exit this weekend that looks to be at least an 8 probably and out past his ears probably. I think he would have been a good one this fall.
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    Already ready for the upcoming season

    I really want to go Saturday but with all this rain and the snow that was on the ground Saturday melting I seriously doubt my 2wd truck will make it in.
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    Already ready for the upcoming season

    Watched this one at 20-30yds Saturday morning and couldn't get a shot so I hope he's even bigger next year and I get a shot at him. I'm pretty sure this one has made it through as well.
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    Roll Call Saturday.......

    I set until about 530 but my toes couldn't take it any longer. Painful. Didn't see anything this evening.
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    Roll Call Saturday.......

    I couldn't move cause I knew I'd scare the other deer. I didn't have my bow in my hands. Next time I see or hear something coming in I'm gonna try to get it and stand up before they get all the way in. For clarification I've never killed a deer with a bow so there's also that lol.
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    Roll Call Saturday.......

    Had this one come in this morning about 8:45ish. There were at least 10 total in the at the same time all around me and I couldn't get my bow and stand up to shoot cause I knew I'd spook the others and I was shaking so bad from the cold and adrenaline. There were at least 2 other small bucks...
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    Finally got a head-on view of him...

    This is the one I have. Specs say 100' flash range. I don't think mine quite reaches as far as it would because I didn't realize that there was a voltage difference in Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries and NIMH batteries. I bought the lower voltage ones so the flash output is a little weaker...
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    Read this
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    Finally got a head-on view of him...

    Had this 9 pointer come in last night for the first time. I think the other one must be his daddy or brother cause they look so similar.
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    Finally got a head-on view of him...

    He's a main frame 8 with split brows and a kicker on his right G3.

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