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  1. Thwack

    Roll Call 10/30

    Did see a small buck cruising on Friday.
  2. Thwack

    Genetics vs age vs food

    My thoughts for free range deer. Age Food Genetics But 1 and 2 are tricky. 5 years old and no nutrition and it’s not grown much. But 3 years old is rarely a “booner” no matter what it eats.
  3. Thwack

    Old pics, new pics anything hunting

    that’s really cool
  4. Thwack

    Roll Call Halloween

    It’s the quota hunt on the public I usually hunt. So I’m sitting this weekend out. Enjoying the first halloween with our baby girl. You all have a blessed hunt this evening!
  5. Thwack

    Any Saddle Hunters on Here?

    Started saddle hunting this year. Have a trophyline ambush pro and two sticks. It’s not bad. But I’m pretty uncomfortable after 2 hours. I’ve not been using a platform and have been standing on the top stick.
  6. Thwack

    11-8-19 roll call.

    Just an hour of deerlight left for the day boys. So read this and put your phone down! This public land has been really stingy to me since the quota hunt. I’m headed to Alabama for my Poppa’s 80th bday party tomorrow morning. So I’d be thrilled for a doe tonight. good luck.
  7. Thwack


    I only saw two does today, they were looking all spooky. I thought there might be a buck in tow. Nope, after waiting I finally went and checked out the direction they were coming from. They just spooked off of the blind someone set up on the private land over the last weekend. Had to start in...
  8. Thwack

    Moon rising , cool temps, buck are getting frisky

    On Wednesday I had a 4 point lip curl repeatedly for several minutes. The young bucks are restless for sure. That was a good morning. A spike a fork and a 2 yr old 8 within 20 yards on public. This morning is still and quiet. No deer yet. But I also got in really late. Have to have a few...
  9. Thwack

    Actual Nov 6

    Hunting In Spencer county tonight. A Hot doe got pushed through on the other side of the river from where my wife and I were sitting. Two minutes later two bucks came after her 1 a big bodied stud. 5 minutes latter that 2 more came after her 1 of them was a monster. There were bucks on that...
  10. Thwack


    Whistles make sense to me. When I whistle at them in the woods, they usually run off.
  11. Thwack


    I knew it was probably going to be my last opportunity of the year, so I very happily took a small buck and a doe in the evening. Saw five deer this evening. Both these deer gave me easy shots. So I put them down, packed em in, packed em up and brought em home. I've been blessed this year and...
  12. Thwack


    Its a long trip from bullitt to Cumberland county. First deer I have a shot at spike, doe or monster is going in the truck. Can't come out here for a wash. Not a total loss regardless checkbout this geode. My nephew is going to be excited about this.
  13. Thwack


    Cumberland co. About to start walking in. Good luck all.
  14. Thwack


    Saw one deer. Unsure of what it was. Good to be out. Hoping for more production in the morning.
  15. Thwack

    Thought I killed an 8 point.

    He's got rattling horns... no knuckle busters.
  16. Thwack

    Buck down in brown town

    Woah...I'd call him Gnarls
  17. Thwack

    Worst hunting year

    If you want to sell them separate, have it logged and THEN sell the land. I would at least hope you knew going into it that the timber was going to be sold separately.
  18. Thwack

    Boyd county buck long tines

    Nice work. Soak it up, its a dandy.
  19. Thwack

    Do deer sink or float?

    I wish I could like this twice
  20. Thwack

    Do deer sink or float?

    I'd venture a guess that if you made a good double lung it'll be less boyuant.