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    Would you harvest a jake?

    I'm with Dark Cloud. My first turkey was a longbeard. Couple of years later had a group of bully Jakes making things hard. One of my tags went on a jake. First time I took my wife , three jakes came in. She shot one. Other two wouldn't leave. Took the gun and I shot one. Third one wouldn't quit...
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    I think I'm biting the bullet

    The Ghost 410 is not the lightest Xbow out there, but in the scheme of things it's more bulky than anything else. They come with a nice detachable sling and that helps. But I think that even though it weighs as much as a good rifle, I only carry it to the tree or blind. Like anything else, you...
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    I think I'm biting the bullet

    I have a Barnett Ghost 410. Little hard to get used to after 55+ years with a bow. Had it since 2014. Took me a couple of years to actually take it to the woods. I was still able to draw a bow for couple of more years, But with a 40 pound bow and KY windage things weren't so great. I've shot a...
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    First crossbow harvest...

    Good memories there! Congrats...
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    The closed season Hope this comes through as I am not computer literate...
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    Most amazing phenomonen

    Went to FL after Osceola's last weekend (no luck). Sitting in blind last Sat. texting the wifey. She said she's out on the porch listening to the gobblers test each other's vocal chords. Went on after flydown and off and on throughout the morning. I'm wishing it was a week later and I'm back...
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    410 pistol ( tc encore) legal?

    I agree with you , Mudhole Crossing, but I was watching KDFWR turkey call-in last week and the LEO on there said that the regs state that only shotguns may be used and the legal definition for a shotgun is " fired from the shoulder. " That's what brought me back to this thread.
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    410 pistol ( tc encore) legal?

    I know I'm a little late to the party here, but....You cannot use handgun for turkeys. KDFWR said so. Caliber doesn't matter, it's still a handgun. Only shotguns.
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    Pest Control...

    They call it squab in the restaurants up on the East Coast. Never ate it... but others do.
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    Wild Hogs

    LBL might say they want the hogs gone, but they sure don't act like it. IMO...Only way to get rid of them is to trap them...with real, remote electronic door trips. I still think they're the smartest thing on four feet. There's a reason Farmer Joe cut those boars when they were piggies. Any boar...
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    Headed to Florida 17 March

    Of course, if you're hunting on a cattle ranch you don't have to worry much. Lots of birds and lots of open ground. You'll probably kill one in an hour or so if you're going to a ranch opening weekend. ;-) You might see a rattler or two but they aren't usually hidden..Go get 'em!!
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    11-87 remmington

    Bought one several years back at Bud's Guns. for 200. Been worth every penny! Well-used and I LOVE it. My wife likes it too! Put a Carlson's LongBeard XR on it. Turkey killing machine. She's having trouble with the bead so I bought a red dot for this Spring. Gave the Ulti-mag to my son.
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    Headed to Florida 17 March

    Don't forget the Thermacell. If you're moving around in tall grass areas or near water, snake boots are nice. If it's a wet area you'll see more cottonmouths than anything else...and there are plenty of them. If the turks have been hunted much they'll sneak in. Much more wary than an Eastern...