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    Trail cam recommendations

    Browning here also. FYI.. Browning has Defender 850 on their website for closeout @ $79.00.. Also comes with mini SD and batteries. I know they have had a little trouble with the Bluetooth on these cams but thought I'd try a couple for trail cams.
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    Permethrin and ticks

    Dunhams in Alexandria has Sawyers 24oz. spray bottles. Im not sure if all Dunhams carries it but maybe check it out if you need some asap. In the camping section up here.
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    AR Users

    Hornady superformance v-max 53 grain..
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    .243 Ammo Question

    I shot 2 doe's with high shoulder shots with the Winchester 95 grain deer season xp. They were 75-80 yards and dropped in their tracks without even a twitch after they fell.
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    Biggest buck and best hunt ever.

    Great deer and story!
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    For sale: 275+/- acres Lewis co. Ky.

    At this time I would not be interested in leasing farm. If it doesn't sell I will hunt the property myself. Thanks Greg.
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    Versa Max shot shell/choke tube combos

    I have an Indian Creek 670 choke and the longbeard 3.5 inch 6's...Great pattern out of my gun! The versa max has a different choke size compared to the regular Remingtons. They are called Pro Bore chokes.
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    For sale: 275+/- acres Lewis co. Ky.

    Bump to top!
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    Lbl bound

    Heading to area 1. Good luck to everyone!
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    For sale: 275+/- acres Lewis co. Ky.

    275+/- acres in Lewis co. Very secluded farm that has a creek with water in it year round,natural mineral lick,waterfall,caves,and 10-15acres flat creek bottoms.The farm is approx. 1 mile from Ohio river off of 57.The farm was select cut 6 years ago. This is a great hunting/recreational farm...
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    We Finally Got the Big Buck We Was Chasing! Whitley County

    Congrats to your dad!! Awesome deer..
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    Well just killed my dream buck in ohio

    Congrats..Great deer!!!
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    Anyone hunting Ohio?

    Busted a nice slick head yesterday am. Movement has been a little slow and not hearing a ton of shooting.
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    Cincy craigslist... For sale $100.00!!!!

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    Best sausage stuffer?

    Looking for opinions on the best sausage stuffers. I'll probably use it for a little bit of everything (salami,summersausage,snack sticks,brats,metts,etc). I was looking at the LEM 15 lb. verticle and was wondering if anyone had/used one. Looking at 15 lb because thats usually what the mix calls...
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    Count me out also!

    Great deer Pat.. Congrats!!!
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    10 pt Bracken Co. Booner..

    Thanks everyone.. Beams are 25.75 and 26 inches..
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    10 pt Bracken Co. Booner..

    I shot this guy on Saturday about 8AM. This is the biggest bodied deer I have ever killed. He tips the scale at 200lbs. Green scores 177 inches.
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    Who to get to replace cables on crossbow.

    A town archery is located on US 27 just south of Alexandria.
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    Youth Quota LBL

    The turkeys are not bonus birds..You have to use 1 of your statewide tags..