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  1. ecmbowhunter

    Seed ticks

    I use the Sawyers permethrin or Repel Permanone as suggested. Keep my clothes treated and the biggest part I concentrate on is the openings in the clothing. I always give an extra good dose to the cuffs waist, neck and ends of the pant legs. I honestly cant remember the last time I had a tick...
  2. ecmbowhunter

    Keep One Drop One

    Thunder Chicken
  3. ecmbowhunter

    Spike buck questions

    Drop another F bomb and you're outta here.
  4. ecmbowhunter

    Never Another Mathews

    HAHA, yeah JD don't ever count me out. Doing well, just terribly busy. Thanks for asking.
  5. ecmbowhunter

    Never Another Mathews

    stupid autocorrect........supposed to be is, not it
  6. ecmbowhunter

    Never Another Mathews

    True, the outcome may have been totally different, but not the article. I've known Danny personally for a long time, and worked previously at this shop for 5+ years. There's no BS out of this shop.
  7. ecmbowhunter

    The purpose of the deer "blow"?

    Keep your personal life offa here will ya?:highly_amused:
  8. ecmbowhunter

    Never Another Mathews

    They might when said shop it THE "go to" shop in the area.
  9. ecmbowhunter

    Battle of Athens Tenn.

    Thanks for posting.
  10. ecmbowhunter

    After 34 years my life is just now beginning

    Congrats. Trust me's right. That change really hits home at the moment of delivery. At least it did for me.
  11. ecmbowhunter

    new to the site...figured i would post my 2011 kill

    The local guys here are under $500. I cannot post the name here due to contract obligations, lol.
  12. ecmbowhunter

    2012 High Country Archery

    I bet Matt McPherson is taking a good hard look at this bow.
  13. ecmbowhunter

    WOW: Look at these Kentucky Mansions!!!

    I'm cool with that.
  14. ecmbowhunter

    Bowtech insanity

    All that hype for 355? It looks like a short braced Invasion with a new cam.
  15. ecmbowhunter

    WOW: Look at these Kentucky Mansions!!!

    Can we change your login to Eeyore?
  16. ecmbowhunter

    best area to turkey hunt at land between the lakes

    You mean when the spring season opens? LOL....wherever you can find a parking spot.
  17. ecmbowhunter

    Kids of today. I know this answer but will ask it anyway.

    Child labor laws are partially to blame. The farmers around here rarely put kids to work anymore. I've got a kid that actually wants to work but can't find a job.
  18. ecmbowhunter

    Whats everyone hunting with?

    Thought you were using a.... Hoyt CRX32 (Black) 28"/65Lbs. Ripcord Code Red Arrow Rest Copper John Dead Nuts 2 Sight 7" Doinker Stabilizer Hoyt 6-Arrow Quiver Easton Epic 400's NAP Blood Runner 3 Blade 100gr.
  19. ecmbowhunter

    Moose Antler Carving

    Nice work!!

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