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  1. slow-bow

    199 3/8 public land buck.

    Westvaco is mostly, if not entirely, in Crittenden Co...roughly 60 miles SW of Henderson Co. This deer was taken within Henderson Co.
  2. slow-bow

    Identify this bird...

    I think you're right, fellas. The feet had me fooled. Haven't busted too many quail in my day. Wouldn't have expected "talons" on it's feet but, the plumage does appear to be that of a quail. Thanks y'all.
  3. slow-bow

    Identify this bird...

    This bird ended up on a different kind of "grill". The one on the front of my buddy's car. Can't identify the species and need a little help. This was in Henderson Co.
  4. slow-bow

    Preseason 2013-14 CBB rankings

    Got $5 that says they all have their heads buried in the sand....
  5. slow-bow

    State Record Bobcat: I doubt it

    Thanks, pentail. Knew the story I got(killed in Henderson Co.) was garbage. Not my first rodeo. Thanks, again.
  6. slow-bow

    State Record Bobcat: I doubt it

    Not even gonna waste my time posting the claim that accompanied this pic...sent to me by a friend. Been on this site for 6+yrs and know we have a lot of internet-savvy folks here who have seen much more than me. many have seen this pic before and what was the story? I'm 99.9...
  7. slow-bow

    New Law? Must stay 200yds below dams...

    I'm a KY boy but, just had a friend at work show me, in the 2013 Indiana Fishing Guide, that you, now, can NOT take any fish, by rod or hand, within 200yds below any dams, including those on the Ohio River. It specifically mentioned Uniontown, Newburgh, Cannelton, etc. All that border Indiana. I...
  8. slow-bow

    Yuppie Deer Hunters

    Back in the day, couldn't tell you how many deer I hauled around in the trunk of an old "square-box" Ford Fairmont. Had 3 in there, all at once, on 2 different occasions. Also, packed home a 59lb bluecat in the rear hatch of my 86 Mazda RX7. Like an earlier post said....ya' gotta do what ya'...
  9. slow-bow

    If you had money to spend what would be the first thing you would buy....

    The first $30 would be on a far, the greatest hunting invention since the first compound bow. The other $270.....cold weather snow boots.
  10. slow-bow

    Booner Buck Poll

    Have seen 2, for sure. 1 in '99 and another in '01. Had both of them within 25yds of me (bowhunting) and let 'em get away without a shot. Both, probably, in the mid 170's. Have arrowed a 161" and a 152". Both watch me eat breakfast every morning and spend the rest of the day collecting dust...
  11. slow-bow

    What species?

    The stripes is what confuses me.
  12. slow-bow

    What species?

    Caught this fella' in my throw net last week here in Henderson Co. (Back water). This area not known for too many Walleye but do have plenty of Sauger. Is it a Saugeye? Just curious.
  13. slow-bow

    What is the strangest place you have seen a Deer?

    A music store here in downtown Henderson about 10yrs. ago. Small buck saw its reflection in the front window and proceeded to bust right in. The locals here will remember this. Made the front page of the paper.
  14. slow-bow

    My Bow Kill Buck From Season!!

    Very nice.
  15. slow-bow

    Huge 7pt. bowkill. Henderson Co.

    My best buddy, Marshall, arrowed this big fella' on Halloween morning here in Henderson Co. 7pt. 18 3/4" wide. I "quick-measured" him and came up w/ about 131". Beautiful deer, no matter what.
  16. slow-bow


    Baddest thing ever invented. I've had mine "cookin" and shot deer at 5 yds. I'd recommend it to anyone on the planet....period.
  17. slow-bow

    Odd baits

    Actually found a bait snagged on some brush at Barkley a few years actual manufactured bait....male genetalia w/ a single treble hook.
  18. slow-bow

    pulled this monster out here in murray!

    10lb 2oz? Must have been "big boned!" Probably closer to 2lb 10oz Nice bass, none the less.
  19. slow-bow

    What is your favorite cheap beer?

    PBR......."iffin ya kwazee!!!"
  20. slow-bow

    Arrowhead hunters?

    Glad to see that this thread "keeps on livin'." Started it on 1/04/2007......and 35,000+ views's still rollin'! Never would have guessed it. Glad we all found a place to "talk rocks", once in a while on here. If you go back and look at the pics, we've ammassed a pretty good collection...

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