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    Deer stands and WMAs

    The stands are supposed to be removed within one week of the close of season. I got tired of people leaving their stands year round and contacted KYDFW. A few years ago they would use the WMA workers to retrieve them with gps coordinates however now they have to be removed by law enforcement...
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    New Years hunting...

    Up in owen beautiful morning. No deer moving here.
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    12/18 Roll Call

    I can relate. I think I will take a break then after one day I am ready to go again. I am in Scott.
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    To bag or not to bag

    One time I froze the meat same day as harvest and it turned out tougher than leather. Most meat care experts dont recommend it.
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    To bag or not to bag

    I bag mine then cooler with ice for 5-7 days to age and let meat relax and get tender. I have used trash bags to keep it dry but recently read not to use them because they are not food grade. So i switched to 2.5 gallon food storage bags. Keeping the meat dry but cold seems to produce best...
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    Roll call for Last Call 11-24

    In in Scott 3 does so far
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    At What Tempratures do Deer Begin To Spoil

    As stated keep it below 40 and dry to prevent bacterial growth. You want enzymatic action that occurs between 33-40 to tenderize the meat not bacterial growth. While you may get away with some higher temps than 40, I cannot in good conscience take a chance on allowing an animal I took spoil.
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    11-17-19 wake up

    In in owen. 4 deer so far 3 does other unknown
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    Pretty good one

    Nice buck, like the transport as well.
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    The professor

    Its snide comments like this that are common from you. It must make you feel really good to go on various guided trips then shoot deer that someone else put you on. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me. To each his own, if hunting over corn is legal don't need your insulting opinion.
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    13 NOV Chosen Frozen Roll Call

    In in scott nothing yet
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    11-8-19 roll call.

    In again for evening. Saw 2 bucks this am.
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    I have seen them on more than one occasion on the Acree tract of Ky River Wma. There was plenty of sign on top the ridges. Last time was just a few years ago. They destroy deer habitat and compete for food. We definitely don't want them around.
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    Great afternoon to be in a tree. Hoping for a doe in Scott County.
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    Tx hunt landscape pics and info

    Quote " so for the nimrods that think my son and i are adding to the demise of hunting for all american sportsman, pound sand, you don't have a clue." What a great way to interest others in your post, start off insulting others before they even reply. Is this an advertisement for the ranch or...
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    Kfwd improperly spent funds

    I am amazed at the lack of comments about the corruption at the Department. It is really bothers me that the hard earned dollars of Ky sportsman are being misused at the good ol boys club in Frankfort. It is widespread misuse from elk tags to backdoor payments. It seems like I remember just a...
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    Hi Ted. I have a blue diamond spot with a bull archery tag. Could you please help me out with...

    Hi Ted. I have a blue diamond spot with a bull archery tag. Could you please help me out with some info, as I see you hunted it before? Thanks.
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    I have scouted and hunted hard for months. I have had a few encounters with cows and one spike. The consensus of most people I talked to over my journey is that there are not near as many elk as there used to be. I have encountered some nice people along the way who have been willing to share...
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    I have a bull archery tag and blue diamond north voucher. Would you be willing to help me with...

    I have a bull archery tag and blue diamond north voucher. Would you be willing to help me with some advice?

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