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  1. BigBoyKY

    Biggest Buck You have harvested

    Scott County Buck 2007
  2. BigBoyKY

    How old is this guy?

    Just my 2 cents but I believe that deer is definitely over the age of 6. He hasn't really increased in size, I think the velvet is misleading. That sagging back, small hind quarters with ribs starting to show, he is not going to get any bigger. If you are wanting to take this buck I would do it...
  3. BigBoyKY

    Biggest Buck You have harvested

    Lets try this
  4. BigBoyKY

    Biggest Buck You have harvested

    Sorry, Don't know how to make this smaller.
  5. BigBoyKY

    Biggest Buck You have harvested

    Gross 168 6/8, Net as 8 Pointer 151 1/8
  6. BigBoyKY

    Lee County 7 pointer

    That's what I was thinking. Probably not a bad idea because of the heat, gotta get to them quick. Again, very nice.
  7. BigBoyKY

    finally got this deer in daylight

    Looks like that deer was chowing on some bacon when he got blasted. Guess I'll have to mix some in with my corn next week! Just kidding. Excellent deer and congrats to your friend, nicely done.
  8. BigBoyKY

    almost got taken out yesterday evening!

    Now that's funny right there!!! LMAO!
  9. BigBoyKY

    Lee County 7 pointer

    Congrats to him, a really nice 7 Pointer, I would've taken him in a second. Was he shot twice? Looks like 2 entry wounds.
  10. BigBoyKY

    Seen this before?

    I'd bet she's perfectly fine, probably just dark hair on her face.
  11. BigBoyKY

    Those of you that braved the heat on opening morning

    Saw a doe with a fawn, 6 pointer and 8 pointer, no shooters for me. Another fella on our place saw 10 or 11 this morning, 3 were smallish bucks to him so he didn't smack one down today either. Deer were moving.
  12. BigBoyKY

    Where is Waldo?

    Are you leaving a scent trail on your way in? He could be smelling you. I know on one of my places some guys walk around in tennis shoes while wearing right guard and never even think about the smell of their hands when handling the cameras. Maybe he smells where you have been and won't come...
  13. BigBoyKY

    Skoal Can

    Got this little buck on my trail cam numerous times this past week but this is definately the best shot. I guess it is an abnormal growth for sure but doesn't it look like a Skoal can LOL?
  14. BigBoyKY

    Pics from this weekend... Same O... plus the future...

    Looks like you could have a great Saturday morning hunt if you bow hunt and get in early, good luck!
  15. BigBoyKY

    Who has the biggest...

    My Biggest to date Here are 4 pics in progression of me taking this buck. The first three are obviously trail cam photos (and if you notice the bloody arrow stuck in the ground in front of my right foot in the third photo) and the 4th he is on my wall...
  16. BigBoyKY

    Double Beam Buck

    That's what I thought at first but I think I found the pic of this deer on my pics from last year after going back through them. Definately not the 10 pointer. Here is a pic of both. I believe the first one is this one, just bigger and added the other beam this year.
  17. BigBoyKY

    Double Beam Buck

    Got lots of pics of this buck but only had my trail cam out for 6 days. Looking for a big 10 pointer from last year to show up, he should be 5 1/2 this year.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>
  18. BigBoyKY

    Saw your buck from this year, congrats. Lookin up from those Bluetongue days huh?

    Saw your buck from this year, congrats. Lookin up from those Bluetongue days huh?
  19. BigBoyKY

    Rubs etc...

    Witnessed a nice 8 pointer second day this year tear the heck out of 2 maples @ 12-14 feet tall. He actually got up on his back legs and with all his weight and just demolished the trees, voilently shaking his head while wrapped up in the branches. He walked within 30 yards of me turned around...
  20. BigBoyKY

    European mount

    Thank You, let me know how it works.

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