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  1. Double T

    2020 Bragging Board

    I caught this fish a couple of weeks ago. I had tied up to the bank and she pulled me loose from my tether. After a good fight with several runs, she wasn't very happy to go into my net. She didn't really seem all that happy when I released her either...
  2. Double T

    Wisconsin Elk

    Sad to see one of our KY Bull elk wasted like this. Twice, in my opinion.
  3. Double T

    Ky Afield

    Just watched this episode today on Youtube. Good episode! Reminded me of some of my first bow hunting seasons with an old whitetail hunter bow. Except, I usually missed entirely. I think I got my first bow sometime around 1981.
  4. Double T

    Cumberland River Striper Back From Taxidermist

    Nice fish!
  5. Double T


    I saw a dead doe today along I65 just south of E-Town along the construction zone. I saw 7 standing beside of the road on my way in to work this morning. I'm really hoping that the does get thinned out along 231 south. I've seen several that have been hit already and I'm doing my best to...
  6. Double T


    Oh, and my Son has a Perception Pescador and he has sure caught some monsters out of it. Especially in the gulf.
  7. Double T


    I have a Vibe SeaGhost 130 and am pleased with it. Have used it in the gulf, on lakes, and in creeks. If you don't have something like a mirage drive with foot pedals, you will most likely want something that paddles easily. The SeaGhost moves through the water easily enough to troll while...
  8. Double T

    squirrel tail jigs

    I never tried squirrel tail jigs for blue gill, but a few years ago we made some spinner baits out of squirrel tails and caught 5 or 6 muskies on them. I remember a friend at work brought me a fox squirrel tail from a squirrel that he saw get run over by a Mennonite buggy. I made a lure out of...
  9. Double T

    Successful year 2017

    Nope, I was shooting off of a highwall at 354 yards and shot her once in the leg, and then she banged around down to the bottom of a boulder filled creek bed.
  10. Double T

    Successful year 2017

    Thanks! I first went with a buddy, elk hunting, in Eastern Ky back around 2008 or 2009. I've went with buddies/family about 7 or 8 times since then and hunted in Perry, Knott, and Leslie counties. Seems like there are a lot less elk and they are a lot harder to find and see now. My Son also...
  11. Double T

    Successful year 2017

    My Son and I had a successful year of elk hunting in Eastern Kentucky. He harvested a cow elk today (December) and I took one back in January. Two of the most fun hunts that I have been on. Hopefully, we will get to go again soon!!!
  12. Double T

    Harvested my first Cow Elk

    Whew! You've got that right! Hunting this elk, getting it out of the very bottom of a huge valley, and then butchering it is a ton of work!! I'm very thankful for all of the help that I received! There are a lot of good folks out there in Eastern Kentucky! And, my son and a friend were a...
  13. Double T

    Harvested my first Cow Elk

    Shot my first cow elk late Sunday evening at 354 yards. Had to let her lay overnight because of the rough terrain. Thanks to the help of a bunch of great local guys, we got her out this morning around lunch time. She was an 8 year old Cow that had traveled 15 miles from where she was tagged...
  14. Double T

    2017 Cow Archery

    Very Nice!
  15. Double T

    2016 - Kentucky Cow Elk Story

    Congratulations on your successful hunt! Nice story and thanks for posting!
  16. Double T

    First sandhill

    I watched him crawl through a field of muddy soup to get a shot. He earned that bird!
  17. Double T

    Hello, I have an antlerless firearm elk tag for the January 7 week for the At Large area. I was...

    Hello, I have an antlerless firearm elk tag for the January 7 week for the At Large area. I was wondering what the price would be for an elk hunt with the 30% discount that you guys are offering. Thanks!
  18. Double T

    Cow Success!

    Congratulations! I'm hoping for one in January!
  19. Double T

    Sandhill cranes

    The post office lost my tags out of the first envelope also. I called KDFW and they said that this was happening a lot. They mailed me new tags in a sturdy brown envelope and I got them almost the next day. Anyway, I got one crane today, knocked feathers out of another one and and saw about...
  20. Double T

    electric smoker

    Yes, I would like to know which kind to buy next myself. I'm afraid to chance another Masterbuilt, because I'm not all that lucky and would probably get another lemon. I think what hurt my feelings the most, was ruining that big old roll of bologna/baloney that I was smoking. My wife tried...

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