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  1. cedar ridge

    Bud Light Honors Trans

    I was at a concert two weekends ago and the only alcohol served was AB product since I guess they were the sponsor. Saw lots of people drinking from start to finish but did not see one single Bud Light. Funny as hell what they’ve done to that brand. Simply can’t give that garbage away.
  2. cedar ridge

    John Durham releases final report concluding FBI had no verified intel when it opened probe on Trump

    In their defense, they're morons so they just can’t help themselves. Sad, really.
  3. cedar ridge

    Spring Squirrel Season

    I've never hunted them in the Spring so I'm not that in tune with where they're at in the breeding / birthing cycle but I would have assumed that they were well past this being an issue if the season is set to come in. Otherwise, I would have assumed that the season wouldn't come in until this...
  4. cedar ridge

    2023 Turkey Photos

    Got my first Rio last Thursday. 10 1/8" beard, 1" spurs, and 22 lbs.
  5. cedar ridge

    Good Cheap Batteries

    I‘ve been using them the last 2 or 3 years and love how they last but I do have ‘frequent’ issues of one of the batteries just dying. I run around 15 cameras so my ‘sample size’ is 90 plus batteries so the percentage is probably low. But, have at least one battery every month or so that just...
  6. cedar ridge

    Lost the Battle!

    Sorry for your loss. Sure ain't much better than a great dog...
  7. cedar ridge

    Trump Indicted

    It was on TV for all to see, dipshit. Just admit that you don’t want to believe it and move on or F off.
  8. cedar ridge

    Trump Indicted

    You are one of the most delusional people I’ve ever seen and that’s saying something.
  9. cedar ridge

    Trump Indicted

    Most of us know why he wasn’t ‘re-elected’. Ballot harvesting and blatant, outright system rigging right in front of our faces. We all saw it happen.
  10. cedar ridge

    Trump Indicted

    Agree with many of your stances but the whole Trump “block” you seem to have is baffling to me. Do I think he’s some all knowing messiah? Not hardly. Do I like parts of him but wish he would shut the hell up much if the time? Yep. Is it going to come down to conservative vs liberal in the...
  11. cedar ridge

    Please enjoy this video of a man charging his car in a dark parking lot for 16 minutes just to get the extra 11 miles he needed to get home

    It’s hard for you to understand why a “minority” of the American population rails against them? It’s simply not possible for even a democrat / libtard to be stupid enough to actually believe that it’s a minority that’s against this idiocy. It’s the vocal minority that pushes most of dumb sh*t us...
  12. cedar ridge

    Coons and more Coons

    Same. Just got two new traps yesterday.
  13. cedar ridge

    Video out of Martin County last night

    100% just a house cat imo. Doesn’t move at all the way mountain lions do (in addition) to just being small.
  14. cedar ridge

    Beagle Shot while hunting

    I didn’t know him but I’m glad he’s dead too. POS.
  15. cedar ridge

    Mammoth Cave

    Sorry to hear about Frank. We have a doxie also that has had a ruptured disk but his happened a couple of years after we rescued him when he was probably 4 or 5. That was almost 9 yrs ago so he’s getting on up there now. They are special little animals. Frank was quite the looker and sure seemed...
  16. cedar ridge

    Justice was Carried Out Today

    Glad you got a chance to hand out some punishment. Sorry about your buddy.
  17. cedar ridge

    Sleeping dogs...

    Love all the pup pics. Here’s mine.
  18. cedar ridge

    Who has seen the Biltmore Estate???

    Been to Biltmore 3 or 4 times the last few years and across different seasons. It’s amazing no matter when you go.

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