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    This Season Duck Hunting KY

    No kidding, I think Ballard has more crows than ducks
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    Can't get much better!!!!

    LOL yep....
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    looking at boats

    So in order to defend your boat you bash others? LOL
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    looking at boats

    What makes you say that?
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    Aluminum Duck Boats

    Mine? if so no it's a 90
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    Aluminum Duck Boats

    My son circling to load the boat after some striper fishing Love me some Polar Kraft, very rigid, strong boat!!
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    Aluminum Duck Boats

    And I'd probably go with a 2 stroke just for the weight savings, if I was only duck hunting out of it.
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    Aluminum Duck Boats

    I took my 2072 with a 4 stroke 90 out in the headwater to save a blind.....I love this boat in the river but trees and shallow water is not it's cup of tea. 1756 or 1860 with a 40-50 hp is a much better choice
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    Gun recommendation/Post Your Waterfowl Guns... (2 reason)

    I use the Browning Maxus and love it. I thought about getting a new A5 when they come out next year but it's not like the original, it's an A500 in an A5 body (that's what it looks like to me) I have a A500 as well and don't need another one.
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    Cold front pushing in tomorrow

    Be careful out there, I'm stuck in a cornfield..
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    2010-2011 Waterfowl pics

    2010/2011 season closer

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