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  1. hunter40502

    Need some advice

    Clay wma allows camping if thats not too far south for you.
  2. hunter40502

    Trump is done.

    But you have to look at his track record. He keeps “shooting himself in the foot “, but that doesn’t seem to matter. People still love him and will vote for him.
  3. hunter40502

    Trump is done.

    As much as I don’t want Donald Trump, to win the presidency, I don’t see anything stopping it. Biden is a very weak candidate, and he will win the Democratic nomination. Trump will win the Republican nomination by far. I don’t think there’s any question about that. So it looks like we will have...
  4. hunter40502

    Tucker Carlson is out at Fox now. Wow!

    If that's the case, thats even worse!!!
  5. hunter40502

    Tucker Carlson is out at Fox now. Wow!

    I don't know of any unbiased leaders who could lead the way. I think in politics that is an assumption. I suppose there must be a few authentic and relatively unbiased politicians or news media outlets, but I don't know who they would be
  6. hunter40502

    Tucker Carlson is out at Fox now. Wow!

    Yes, he has been a loose cannon for a long time with his conspiracy theories and unfounded rhetoric. But people like that kind of stuff, so they kept him..... until they couldn't any longer. The charade is up. It's hard to just find plain relatively objective (I say "relatively", because...
  7. hunter40502


    seeing several toms together and a flock of hens regularly on my farm.
  8. hunter40502

    Any White bass in Eastern,Ky yet?

    They are beginning to catch them in the Salt River at Taylorsville WMA. They should be in full swing by friday, which is when I plan to go. Good luck!
  9. hunter40502

    Tree rubs in March

    Interesting. deer on my cams now are starting to grow little nubs.
  10. hunter40502

    Fired up

    One of the most beautiful sounds on the planet!!!
  11. hunter40502

    End of quota hunts?

    Yes, quota hunts keep is safer, and I'd like to see more wma's go to archery only as well.
  12. hunter40502

    Reflex sight 3 or 6 moa?

    Oh, thanks for the info!
  13. hunter40502

    Reflex sight 3 or 6 moa?

    What is MOA?
  14. hunter40502

    Turkey Season 2023

    Thats encouraging, but do you spray before the season or after the season or both?
  15. hunter40502

    confused about Daniel Boone National forest hunting boundaries

    I have scoured many websites to see where you can and cannot turkey hunt on the DBNF, but it is very unclear. At times it seems, depending on where you read, one can hunt anywhere in the forest (except around public areas and residences, of course), but at other times it seems only in the...
  16. hunter40502

    Deer carry SARS-CoV-2 variants that are extinct in humans

    Did you guys see this article?
  17. hunter40502

    January 6 hearings on prime time

    Well, I had been republican mostly, but lost confidence in the leadership. But the democratic leadership is not better either. so I'm in no man's land.
  18. hunter40502

    Morning coffee and,,,,

    Nice sign!!!
  19. hunter40502

    January 6 hearings on prime time

    Thank you. I just am shocked.
  20. hunter40502

    Few winter birds

    I’ve owned my property for three years now. And this is the first time that I have seen turkeys on my trail cameras during the fall and winter. That makes me excited from the spring.

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