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  1. rock802

    What age is appropriate for a BB gun?

    I gave my son his first at 5 and his first 22/410 at 6
  2. rock802

    Drive In Movie Theatre

    there is one in Winchester and Stanton, both have 2 screens
  3. rock802

    nocks for bolts

    ok, thanks guys.. I traded for it and don't have any bolts now...but it is a horton so I will get the half moon type!!
  4. rock802

    nocks for bolts

    was looking at ordering some bolts for the crossbow I got, what is the difference in the square and half moon nocks? other than the shape..
  5. rock802

    Redneck Island

    Do you know if it will be replayed?? a friend on FB that grew up in Wolf co posted this but I missed it.......
  6. rock802

    traded for a cross bow

    I traded for a horton hawk sl cross bow, does anyone have any info on it???? it is 150lb pull..
  7. rock802


    just saw that there is a xbow
  8. rock802


    I traded for a horton hawk sl cross bow, does anyone have any info on it????
  9. rock802

    cheese dip

    ok thanks !!!!
  10. rock802

    cheese dip

    Does anyone know how to make the white cheese dip that they have at the Mexican resturants???
  11. rock802

    Poll and advice please!

    Shiz,I have told you many times, your food looks so good that I think I would even try things I didn't like... Itwould take me a good 2 hrs to get to Somerset, but yes I would have to come.....
  12. rock802

    What's on for the game tomarrow?

    I wish they would put a like button on here!!!! since it is only me, I am doing wings and corn on the cob.
  13. rock802

    ready for the game

    Ok thanks Pentail, about how much do you need per sub?? They look awsome!!!
  14. rock802

    ready for the game

    How thin was the ribeye sliced?? did you slice it or did the store?? I want some of them!!!
  15. rock802

    Roaster Pan

    I hate to sound ignorent fellers, but what is a standing rib roast?????
  16. rock802

    Xboox 360 users

    I got my 8 yr old one for christmas. and the kinneks to go with it.
  17. rock802

    Holster for a TCP

    Thanks guys!!
  18. rock802

    Holster for a TCP

    I traded for a Taurus TCP .380 seems like a good little gun for conceal carry, need some suggestions for a concieal holster. Also your thoughts on the gun.
  19. rock802

    Mountain Lion Hunt...

    Do you eat mountain lion??? what does it taste like??

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