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  1. Davidlondon4

    Wild Turkey Research in Kentucky ( with Dr Mike Chamberlin and The Hunting Public)

    This is a youtube report on some of the turkey research going on here in Ky. The Hunting Public asked people to donate to this last year and I think they also donated money as well.
  2. Davidlondon4

    New Bait / salt lick/mineral Ban for KY

    UPDATE: The language the KDFWR released banning salt and minerals is an error they are in the process of correcting. The no bait period for corn and food items will be March 1 - July 31 but the ban during that period will not include salt and minerals. Salt and minerals will only be banned in...
  3. Davidlondon4

    Average age of members here

    Will turn 64 in August.
  4. Davidlondon4


    Praying for you sir. Hope you can make a complete recovery.
  5. Davidlondon4

    N559DW Doug White movie

    Glad you posted this.. I played in a 4 day two-man team golf tournament in Lenoir N C in September in 1981 to when the tourney ended in 2014. Our teams were in the same flight a few times and I remember being paired with Dougs team a couple times. This was before the incident in the King Air. I...
  6. Davidlondon4

    Ron LaClair

    I happen to be walking by when he and his crew were posing for someone else at the Kalamazoo Expo back in January of this year. I went ahead and took a picture. I have only talked to him a couple times th over the years and at the Tradfest but he was a fixture at that Expo. Definitely one of the...
  7. Davidlondon4

    Georgia at Rupp

    I agree with this as I was at the game. I had a UK college alumni dinner meeting before the game in Central Bank Center. President Capiluto spoke and left to attend another event taking place there. After President Capiluto spoke the UK cheerleaders came in and stayed maybe 10 minutes before...
  8. Davidlondon4

    Old bows

    I am familiar with the name. Never knew him. He was friends and hunted some with the Wensels (Gene and Barry).They are famous traditional bowhunters and also authors. Ive never seen one of Schafers bows but I know people treasure them. Ive had the pleasure of hearing Barry and Gene speak and...
  9. Davidlondon4

    Urgent prayers needed!!! Photo.

    Prayers sent for your family.
  10. Davidlondon4


    I attended the game Saturday. Great atmosphere and one of the loudest times I can ever remember at Commonwealth. BBN played a big role in those illegal procedure calls on Florida. One thing noticeably different after the game was the number of students I passed on Limestone Street headed to...
  11. Davidlondon4

    Kentucky Defense vs. Penn State in 76 and 77

    I remember some of those guys. The following season was my freshman year at UK. UK went 10-1 with their only loss to Baylor. Sadly they couldnt go to a bowl game due to being on probation. I lived off campus in the Garden Springs area. I drove back and forth to class parking at Commonwealth...
  12. Davidlondon4

    Population opinion after hunting

    Thanks to The Hunting Public crew for putting this information out through their channel so its gets a lot of exposure. Its an interview with researchers from the University of Georgia and discusses the decline of wild turkeys across the country (much of it in the south).
  13. Davidlondon4

    Kentucky Made Outdoor Gear

    Thanks for enlightening me on the latest.I should have said Powell County instead of Clay City for the making of the strings. I know Stanton and Clay City are just a few miles apart. Powell is one of the counties I used to cover before retiring. I actually met some of family the that used to run...
  14. Davidlondon4

    Kentucky Made Outdoor Gear

    Pretty sure GAS bowstrings are made in Clay City Ky. I recall meeting a guy at the London ASA event a few years ago. He was the owner of GAS Bowstrings.He had once worked for Scott Archery in Clay City. I think Scott Archery sold out and moved but that family might still be in the archery...
  15. Davidlondon4

    Tactacam Reveal

    For those purchasing these cameras it takes regular size SD cards and the recommended cards are Class 10 U3 but Ive read Class 10 U1 will work. I think it has something to do with the write speed on the card and U3 is supposed to be faster and not as battery draining as a U1. Highly recommended...
  16. Davidlondon4

    One of the better videos I've seen in a long time.

    Great info. I started watching the Hunting Public videos a few months ago and then discovered Troy Fowler (Ranch Fairy) when Aaron and the other Hunting Public guys interviewed him at a hunting expo. Watching their videos and using Ranch Fairys info will make you a more lethal hunter. Fowler is...
  17. Davidlondon4


    I have never used RM43 nor read the complete label. Since it can damage desirable trees, shrubs,plants, etc I dont think I would risk planting after using it until I learned more about it. I am sure even if you can there would be a waiting period.Also carefully pay attention if the area slopes...
  18. Davidlondon4


    Farm Works Grass and Weed Killer is 41 percent glyphosate. It also contains a surfactant so you shouldnt have to add anything additional to get it to stick to the vegetation. On glyphosate products that dont contain a surfactant I just put in a squirt or 2 of dishwashing liquid (Dawn, etc). Wait...
  19. Davidlondon4

    Tick bite and red meat.

    I am familiar with a couple of those. Hydrochlorothiazide is a water pill and I am now on a low dosage of Amlodipine which is for the blood pressure.Not familiar with metoprolo tartrates and losartan potassium. In dealing with ticks I treat my clothes with Permethrin when I spend a lot of...
  20. Davidlondon4

    Tick bite and red meat.

    What blood pressure medicine is she taking? I took enalapril for years and had occasional bouts with swelling of one or both of my lips. Occasionally I would get slight swelling of parts of my face and hands but not at the same time. My woman works in a pharmacy and a customer came in to change...

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