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  1. richief

    ISO Remington Special Purpose 12 ga

    I have a parquerized 1100, 3” mag only, special purpose 26”remchoke, 12ga I bought new in 86, it’s been my turkey gun forever. I’ll keep an eye out for one.
  2. richief

    Wouldn’t wish this on nobody

    Yep, 2 weeks ago I lost all 3 days from the weekend shift, my grandson started with it thurday and had a bad night poor fella but he was fine next day, My wife, daughter and I had it worse.
  3. richief

    Medical marijuana ???

    Yep I agree with the folks that are against all the “Laws that protect us from our own selves” seatbelts laws included. Goes against the American Principles of Personal Freedom, and the unintended consequences are ever increasing shouts of the Cuks calling for more Laws of the same ilk. To the...
  4. richief

    Massie takes on loud mouth Democrat

    I can’t help but wonder, instead of Killing Fields, which is what the NRA and Gun owners told Biden his “Gun free zones” would create when they passed this crap law, what if the next couple miscreants were promptly lit up waltzing into a school with a gun and black heart? I am pretty sure they...
  5. richief

    Trump Indicted

    Ima Vote Trump on the chance of seeing Lib tears again. Besides The supposed drop in Trump enthusiasm, what about all the facepalms on the Democrats? Prob neck n neck again, and if you can curb cheating Trump has a real shot.
  6. richief

    Squatters part II

    I read about a guy that happened to, with his deceased mothers house. He had a rental agreement drawn up, from the estate, with him as the tenant. Then watched till everyone left and moved in, changed locks and when they showed up the cops were caled and he was nice by letting them have x amount...
  7. richief

    Rubber Boot Quality

    Whatever happened to gates rubber boots, They were tough, zero frills though.
  8. richief

    Want to buy 4 to 5 ft HD Box blade

    Looking for about a 5’ box blade, with clevis for the lift arms, instead of pins, and welded toplink gear, instead of bolted on. Let me know if you know of one. Will travel.
  9. richief


    I remember rickity old wood treestands, 2x4’s nailed to tree n no harnesses. Seems real stupid now.
  10. richief

    The Red Wave, What Happened.....

    They actually got the Dem voters to come out, by telling them it will be the end of the world as they knew it if Republicans gain power. These are people programmed to kneejerk on cue, according to certain stimuli. That, and insurance policies at the tally, where needed. The country is gone...
  11. richief

    Guns, and Ammo.

    Ar15, cuz who says you don’t need an Ar to hunt deer.
  12. richief

    What to plant to hold a steep bank

    Crown Vetch
  13. richief

    Crazy price difference

    Try “honda East toledo”, online. All one word dot com
  14. richief

    More Supply Troubles Coming

    When they use “The Environment” to Kill Farming and Livestock, WORLDWIDE, you betcha we are in for shortages. Blanket reduction mandates to all farmers with zero credit for the positive contributions to the environment, of the farm. This is different.
  15. richief

    First shots SXS ML

    That looks like a fun twist on Squirell hunting
  16. richief

    Any good place @ Lex, to buy muzzle loader accessories?

    Im wanting brass powder flask, brass measure, jag, well most everything is needed. Any place besides Cabela’s around Lexington, prob going around 5 so if you see this soon and can help, Let me know.
  17. richief

    What about McConnel

    Trump as Pres with a Rep house and Senate would be good, except for lukewarm McConnel and the other Neocons that squanderd that very same scenario when Trump first got in, let me not forget Paul Ryan as a major disappointment, when the stars were aligned. I do like Desantis for Pres, but Too...
  18. richief


    Wow the Brainwashing is complete with the grouse guy. I have had more success with addicts and alcoholics getting them to be honest with themselves, than the Indoctrinated Communist. Truly demonic possession. Truth doesn’t matter to the twisted logic, Narrative they are married to.
  19. richief

    Looks like Martha's Vinyard has some new guests and the residents aren't too happy about having them

    Those plane tickets are the First Common sense use of taxpayers money i seen in a long time. What a great play by the Govna!
  20. richief

    Yankee Hill Machine Ar-15 450

    Talkin with another member on this thread, seems samuel6464 vanished. Just saying, Kind of odd, most folks here are solid.

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