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    7 minute short film on Murray State basketball, team and community

    I've been around a few of the current MSU basketball players, can't say I was overly impressed. I once watched a guy put a knife to Ed Daniels cheek for stealing a beer out of his cooler, also have personally walked Ed out of a party because for some reason he felt like not being on the guest...
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    Corn/beans vs. milo/millet for ducks

    Don't be so modest, your rugged good looks was also a deciding factor in getting a bid from Alpha Omega
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    Hopkins County Monster

    Ol' Aaron Stockton,I spoke to him the night he killed it. Background on this monster is they had no clue it was there. Actually was hunting his girlfriends dad's farm. It was the 1st day he had hunted all year, seems like that's how deer of this caliber always get taken. Props to him for...
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    Sticking my neck out but....

    If you wanna get real technical it was 15 limits by 7:12. Then when we got back home it was 3-4 man teal limits for the three days straight, duckplhucker was just pointing out how much we missed hearing all those woodies squealing that were abundant 2 weeks before. Those 20+ bird groups of teal...
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    Day one and

    Those Toyota trucks need to have their front bumper reinforced. eh? HUNT DEAD!
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    Murray State - Where Winners Migrate

    Make it a pocket tee with AGR on the chest and that would be a helluva rush week t-shirt
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    Sad day......

    Active member AGR in Murray right now, there is no KA on campus.
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    Can't get much better!!!!

    Good looking dog Triton, the quote from your barrel sticker really worries me though.
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    Just keep your face down eH...
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    Jason roberts?

    Jason roberts?
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    Not a work of art but looks like a kill zone to me

    Finally someone put up a few pics of Sloughs blind 40A
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    indiana ohio river zone

    Make it a case of Old English 40's and i'll tell you exactly where it was at.
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    indiana ohio river zone

    No big ducks in Ky, but some how was able to find a few a little North of us. Had a good teaser season up in Hoosier land.
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    Sloughs Blind 40

    Ignorance is bliss...
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    Goose Hunters starter kit just add Decoys

    Team Mean Mugg is still here but between class and chasing loose women mostly just read up on the aintry chronicles and post a pic every once in awhile. Had a really good early goose season here at home and 3 wood duck and teal hunts in Tennessee that more than made up for a below average...
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    Barkley draw

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    Barkley draw

    Eight man group got the 6th and 11th draws. Float blind plans are in the make, well see how it goes.
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    Tn early season

    Dearest Wyle, No birds were killed from our group that had any sign of previously being in your possession. Did have a buddy from Tn kill a dove banded in Ky last saturday.
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    Tn early season

    First public ground hunt i've ever been on in Tn, safe to say i was impressed. There were 11 guys in our group that went, every man had his 2 woodies and 2 teal in less than an hour. They have a ton of habitat which lead to an unreal amount of birds, coulda shot as many woodrows as you had...

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