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  1. rackmaster2

    New Bait / salt lick/mineral Ban for KY

    actually the regulation specifically states salt, mineral and any wildlife attractant
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    New Bait / salt lick/mineral Ban for KY

    I was probably hunting! but I missed it and didnt see a thread when i did the search.
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    New Bait / salt lick/mineral Ban for KY

    Ive not seen much about this new proposed bait ban for KY. being discussed. the new rules extends the turkey feed ban until 8-1 and also changed the products to include salt, mineral and any wildlife attractant. Id bet that there is a complete ban on salt, mineral , feed on all game...
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    Coon Hunters Trespassing Last Night

    Why all the bashing on coon hunters ? i like the fact they take some next robbers and corn hogs out Plus they had permission on the neighbors property , should they not hunt it just because your next door ? you have owned it 30 years snd they have hunted neighbors for 40 years and you have...
  5. rackmaster2

    Daniel Boone Rock?

    Looks raised to me also , I can’t see it any other way . Suggestion , get some other examples and compare , contact a historical org that is about boone and let them review . Some things need to be recorded . I had a place in Dawson springs one time that had some rock forts on the ridges ...
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    Chestnut trees

    The only 100% American is from the American chestnut cooperat (accf) , these are back crossed varities, unfortunatley they believe they loose the blight resistance when in forest. these trees are supposed to have about a 50% chance of survival. the other ones will come from the American...
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    Chestnut trees

    are you saying that the trees the American chestnut cooperative back crosses are not blight resistant , that’s where I got the 50 nuts from mentioned earlier in this thread . I’ve had more prob with root rot on them than anything else but I do have a few that are doing well. I see where the...
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    Are trophy rocks man made or natural?

    I buy the Redmond mineral , cattle with extra selenium. again, no studies prove antler growth, but the extra selenium does produce results in cattle operations. Redmond has a lot of trace minerals, that I believe deer crave. if my new venture , with the garlic added minerals helps keep...
  9. rackmaster2

    mammoth cave farm

    also had a mature buck on camera, in 13 and 14. after sharing info with guys to north that lease 2400 ac, they had him on cam Jan 14, and guys to south had him on cameral fall 2014. In a straight line, with google it was 5 miles, his core was on me, but he liked to roam, we called him...
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    mammoth cave farm

    I had a yearling piebald doe on camera in 13 as a fawn, with an unusual mask and she was shot last year in 14 as a 1.5 yr old. 8.48 miles from where she was born. So her 640 ac, had to be long and narrow. Saw her photo on FB and emailed the guy. explained why I wanted to know and he...
  11. rackmaster2

    Are trophy rocks man made or natural?

    trophy rock is out of Redmond Utah, its is sea salt that is mined. that same mine produces Redmond mineral in loose salt, marketed for cattle, livestock, and also the sea salt u buy to sprinkle on your food. Does it help_ no evidence by any formal studies show that it does, does that keep...
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    BANNED from this forum

    I got banned so much on the TN site for disagreeing with the deer management, I quit going. ( ran out of names I could remember, lol) and here I cant even get in an argument. I think I did call one an idiot one time! :eagerness: on the TN site, but since he is the WT deer chief for TN he...
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    Chestnut trees

    Dunstans are not 100% American chestnuts, they are a Chinese /American cross with blight resistance. I don't have any planted, but have a few chinese, and recently have been able to plant 50 of the blight resistant 100% American chestnuts. The next generation will see these trees again.
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    MPE5 opinions

    I tested one and its just to sensitive for me. definitely not for field use with cornstalks or any other cover that could move. I am sure it would work fine in woods on trail or mineral site. I'll stick with the 6 or now the newer 8 with more options, and very little more in price...
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    Estill county or Lewis county?

    hard to believe that lewis only checked in 9 thunder chickens, I know of that many killed and I don't even live there. There were 5-6 checked in from My farm, so I guess no one else checks them in, lol.
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    Bear sightings in your county?

    the bear biologist says when you start seeing sows and cubs you have a pretty good population, the boars are roamers. I hope mine roam somewhere else.
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    Bear sightings in your county?

    there are plenty of them in Lewis, One lived in my corn field until jan of this year ( corn gone) we identified 6-8 different bears on camera. Just over ridge from Briery and Kinney on straight fork.
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    homebrew cameras

    sure, I still have about 8 or so sony s600 with yeti boards in action.
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    The void between spine and lungs! (pic included)

    I saw that today also, hard to believe .
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    Elevated Box Blind Ideas

    We have built several over the years, 4x6 is our preferred size ( 6 ft to wide to see well out of both sides) 16 ft off ground to high unless need for a reason for visability, 8- 10 ft works well, and I used to disagree with theory, and lot easier to build and keep up. Put post in...