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    NRA going under

    The NRA has always been willing to overstate and inflate statements and circumstances. All they did was file a lawsuit against the NY governor, and in support of their case, they blew up the situation to make their argument carry more weight. NRA is headquartered in VA anyway, and I'm betting...
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    The looney Left.

    IF that bunch is protesting you, then you're doing something right.
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    Mission Kids stuck in Haiti Riots

    My nephew just got back from a medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic, which is the other half of the island of Hispanola, shared with Haiti. He'd go back tomorrow if he could, most meaningful thing he's done in his short life. When you go to a third world crap hole to do mission work...
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    Right now, yellow poplars are dropping dead leaves, brown and yellow. The yellow ones have big greenish/blue dots on them, as if it's a fungus or something. I don't know why it happens but this is perfectly normal. It happens every year. I saw them today, just like I see them every year. The...
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    Charles Krauthammer dead at 68

    Imagine if he'd never been injured. Too smart to run for office; he'd have been a back room genius like Kissinger. Better than Kissinger.
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    I haven't heard of a poplar disease. Losing them would be catastrophic. Drop by your UK Extension office and show them that picture. They may know something or could call a UK arborist and find out something.
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    Poplars always have "some" leaves turn yellow an fall this time of year. I'd guess 10%, certainly not a majority. i stood under 5 big ones all over 24" in diameter not an hour ago and they appeared fine. Yes, the elms are all dying, the elm borer bug has spread to all corners of the state...
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    Flood conditions. All they could say was "It's wet, but the temps are warm." It sure isn't looking good.
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    Miss America says it will stop judging contestants based on physical appearance

    They'll just have the Miss America broadcast over the radio now.
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    Somebody on Facebook must be worried about me (& you)!

    You realize that tracking this bunch will only lead them to ponder for themselves whether the 30-30 is really enough for deer, don't you?
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    Somebody on Facebook must be worried about me (& you)!

    What info could they really have? You are friends with A, B, and C and they wished you happy birthday on May 2nd? You visit a few hunting forums regularly? You post conservative stuff and hang out with guys that do the same? As long as your credit card and personal info isnt' on there...
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    Update : Problem Children

    I told my 3 kids that the only freebie that get is when they call me BEFORE trouble happens, not after. If they find themselves in a bad situation, drunk or with a bad crowd or whatever, I will come get them no questions, no punishment. But if they don't call and get out of the bad situation...
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    Update : Problem Children

    So we had the same dad? Mine told me if I get one phone call, don't waste it on him. Get yourself in, better get yourself out. I knew he meant it.
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    Yep. You're right. Fearsome huge man-eating watersnakes under every rock and log, just waiting to pull you under. Better not risk it, and just let us dummies get in there and have all the fun, er, take all the life threatening risks.
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    This can't be right...everybody knows that all the creeks in Eastern Kentucky are filled up with hollow fills and mud and silt and dangerous chemicals from all the coal mines. Fish can't live in the terribly polluted water of EKY and people can't drink it either. This must be fake news.
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    I very seldom watch hunting shows but

    I'd add that it's all about shot placement, and a premium bullet. A bullet made for Whitetails at 100 yards won't give you a good result on an elk that is twice as thick and heavy at 300+.
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    Problem Grown Kids

    Here's a story... Good parents raised two daughters, one an angel, one the devil. The oldest girl stole, lied, drank, drugged, did it all. They supported and enabled her for years, until she OD'd at about age 40. She left two teenage kids on the same path. So the grandparents took them in...
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    Who is Sitting on the Edge of their Seat?

    Good grief. Chicken shit is used to make gunpowder because it is very high in ammonia, which provides potassium nitrate, also known as saltpeter, which is one of the three ingredients of black powder. The Crown actually declared all chicken shit to be property of the King and was to be turned...
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    Good Dogs seem to not last long enough!

    Dogs should live as long as we do.
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    Greg Johnson out as KDFWR Commissioner

    I suppose Bevins is still in the saddle? He should have been the first one gone, followed by a few more. How many ways can they step on their own peckers?