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    Hummingbirds gone wild

    Our first today in far SE Ky.
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    Amish and License

    They can get a number assigned to them from the Dept. to use instead of a SS#.
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    Cruise anyone?

    Go in the winter to get away from the KY winter...Jan or Feb for value. Carnival since you mentioned the V word. Ports depend on what you and your wife would like to do.
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    Dumb question here.... When do bluegill & red ear start to spawn around central KY??

    May 5th is the full moon this year so that first week should be good.
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    Why I no longer pack a 12ga.

    I hunt with a H&R Synthetic 12 ga (and 30/30). I once shot 2 mornings in a row during turkey season with heavy loads. That 2nd day shot was the first and only time I got the piss knocked out of me. Fortunately, the gobbler was in worse shape. But, I still love that light gun.
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    UK basketball

    FT and just horrible defense. I don't recall another team that can't guard a drive to the basket like this year's team.
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    UK basketball

    Pleasantly surprised so far. I hope the 2nd half doesn't go the same as the game in Lex.
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    Average age of members here

    I'm 58 and doing pretty good health wise. I started here back before they redid everything in 2001. I had more posts in those first couple of years since the 22 years after.
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    Yes. Good info. A good nutritional program (no diet words from me) is the one that YOU can maintain. I love peanut butter, etc and could live without sweets, etc so Keto worked for me. I no longer follow any official program just limit what is bad for me and try to get as much healthy food...
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    I don't have much to add. I'm nearing 60 quickly and did the Keto diet when I was lifting hard about 15 years ago. It worked great. But, you have to keep the fats (healthy) up high to replace the lack of carbs. On keto fats is supplying your body with energy. Sorry, if those is over...
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    UK basketball

    I agree. When he got T'd my immediate reaction was Why? Only 30 seconds left and it doesn't help you fire your team up. Something happened at halftime. It went from a fun game to watch to 3 immediate turnovers and basically game over. You could see it in the team. I have to admit I was...
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    Baiting turkeys.

    Bears will raid the nest too and take the hen as well as eggs.
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    Baiting turkeys.

    The legal hunters are at the mercy of Law Enforcement and the court system. There needs to be an enforceable change and one that hunters can actually make a law abiding decision. The only reason for this regulation as written is "that's the way it's always been".
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    Otter fajitas...Amazing.

    Awesome! One of the few critters that is found in KY that I haven't eaten.
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    UK basketball

    I thought it strange that Vandy only had 5 (I think) fouls and we only shot 2 free throws. It was a fun game to watch so I'm not complaining. Now on to a big game with Kansas.
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    Rural King

    Dang, no wonder we didn't find much Wednesday. lol
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    UK basketball

    Well they did shoot 34.4% from 3 today even though it sure didn't look like it. I'll take it as long as we keep winning.
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    Did you get out of the truck to fish this time? We saw a few people heading around the far side of the 2 little docks. Probably about noon.
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    I finally made it over to the lake today. Pretty nice and I look forward to getting the kayaks on it.
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    We had a bear on our porch pulling down bird feeders New Year's Eve. They are pesky critters.