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  1. kyhunter35

    Taurus Tracker 17 HMR

    Stanford, Ky. I would be willing to meet depending on distance.
  2. kyhunter35

    Taurus Tracker 17 HMR

    Still available, price negotiable, comes with an almost full box of ammo. Will meet if no to far away.
  3. kyhunter35

    Taurus Tracker 17 HMR

    Selling a Taurus Tracker in 17 HMR, Matte Black, 7 shot, 6.5 inch barrel, one box of ammo. $450.00
  4. kyhunter35

    Vortex Crossfire II & rings

    Vortex Crossfire II 3-9x40 with Dead Hold BDC crosshair. Comes with a set of rings. It was on a new Savage rifle I bought & I swapped it out for a Leupold scope, rings, & bases. $125.00
  5. kyhunter35

    Leupold Backcountry Scope Rings

    One set of Leupold Backcountry Cross-slot Scope Rings, 1" Medium height, matte finish. They have been lapped & come in original packaging. $65.00
  6. kyhunter35

    300 WSM Ammo $70.00

    Hornady American Whitetail, 165 grain InterLock. 1 full box + 16 rounds & 4 pieces of brass in another box (36 live rounds total). Both boxes are same lot #. My gun liked the Federal better. $70.00. Pick up in Stanford, Ky
  7. kyhunter35

    KDFWR to address deer / turkey concerns

    I might make some upset but, oh well! How is it that we the Sportsmen pay the lions share though licenses & taxes but have seen opportunities diminish due to the commercialization of our sport? We have paid to reestablish the whitetail, turkey, & elk only to have landowners lease hunting rights...
  8. kyhunter35

    Blind/office chairs

    4 task chairs that were in my shooting houses. All work & roll as they should. Let my lease go so I cleaned out the houses. $15.00 each or $50.00 for all 4. Pick-up in Stanford, Ky
  9. kyhunter35

    No till corn planter (SOLD)

    Lincoln County
  10. kyhunter35

    Herd, Electic seeder

    Herd brand, electric seeder. Mounts in your truck or atv/utv hitch. $250.00 If interested, send me a private message with your phone number.
  11. kyhunter35

    3pt hitch Baltic Fert. Spreader/Seeder (SOLD)

  12. kyhunter35

    2 btm plows (SOLD)

  13. kyhunter35

    Disc for sale (SOLD)

  14. kyhunter35

    No till corn planter (SOLD)

  15. kyhunter35

    Lost my lease

    I just split partnership on a lease for very similar reasons (he left). Word of advice for y'all; never go into partnership with a friend cause sooner or later you won't be!
  16. kyhunter35

    Red Dot Sight

    Red Dot Sight. It came as a package deal with one of the Stevens 410 turkey guns. Brand is unknown but looks eerily similar to a Tasco red dot. I have the instructions & it will come with the Weaver mount & the base that was on the gun. $40.00 CASH & will meet in Stanford or Danville.
  17. kyhunter35

    Vortex Scope

    Vortex Crossfire II 3-9x40 w/ Dead-Hold BDC reticle Came as part of a Savage Rifle combo. Bought new just a few weeks ago & has never seen any action. $140.00 CASH, will meet in Stanford or Danville only!
  18. kyhunter35

    Worst Hunting Show?

    Been watching more television than normal the last several weeks due to shoulder surgery & got to thinking, there is some idiots with a hunting show. I'll give my vote for the worst to the one & only,.....wait for it,......Buck McNeely! Just watched him take a neck shot at a mule deer at 260...
  19. kyhunter35

    next shooting house

    We have 3 houses, 1 - 4x8, 1 - 6x6, & 1- 4x6. The 6x6 is my least favorite size. The 4x6 is about a perfect as I could get without wasting any lumber. I'll try to get you some pictures in the next week or 2 & show you some things I like & dislike about ours.
  20. kyhunter35

    next shooting house

    I used a vinyl siding starter strip. Tried the grooves sawed in treated 2x4. It warps & swells depending on the weather. And of you can afford it, I'd recommend using the Lexan instead of regular plexiglass.

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