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  1. J

    Elk Draw

    It's accurate unless you used the wrong SSN prior to 2006.
  2. J

    Elk Draw

    Awesome! Then you should be in the upcoming Loyalty Draw. Good luck!
  3. J

    Elk Draw

    The Loyalty Redraw will assign forfeited tags that match the tag type applied for that year. So if 50 forfeited cow tags, they will only be assigned to people that applied for cow. If you only bought Bull, then you will wait until an available bull is forfeited (and you are drawn).
  4. J

    Elk Draw

    The draw started in 2001. So there have only been 23 years. You can now log into My Profile and see your “Loyalty Years” which is the number of consecutive years you have applied (according to KDFWR records).
  5. J

    Elk Draw

    2023 Elk Hunt Draw results are now available in My Profile.
  6. J

    Quota Hunt Points

    It all depends on dates selected. Mobile Impaired/not mobile impaired. Did you select "Any Date?"
  7. J

    Quota hunt results are up

    What does that mean? There is no "automatically drawn at 3 points." I know of people with 9 points for deer hunts (they select "No Hunt").
  8. J

    Pheasant Quota Hunts in KY

    I am 100% certain, Pheasant hunts require the other members to be included in your application. So, if you only applied for yourself, only you can go. Only the waterfowl hunts (Ballard, Sloughs, and Jenny Hole) allow you to take 3 additional (unreported) hunters. Deer and Pheasant require the...
  9. J

    2021-22 Quota Hunts

    You'll have to call and ask, but I do know that the blinds are designed for only 4 hunters.
  10. J

    2021-22 Quota Hunts

    You selected "Any Date" and were assigned only one date. 10/5 is when the drawing was completed. Your second date was plugged with the draw date instead of "Null" or empty. Feel free to call and ask for John in IT for more info. I've fixed the last date so that you'll only see the one date in My...
  11. J

    looking for 1986 Ky Game and Fish magazine

    Did you find a copy?
  12. J

    Hunting Units and Regulated Area Results now posted

    Results for 2019 drawn Elk Hunters are now available through My Profile. It will show your Hunt Unit and Regulated Area (if you were drawn for one).
  13. J

    Preference Points Quota Hunts

    That is not correct for Deer. This year they switched to average for the group and limited to 10% non-resident. If applying for a deer quota hunt as a group, each applicant’s preference points will be used to calculate an average point total for...
  14. J

    Preference Points Quota Hunts

    Ringeye, you need to look at your group average. Also, need to see if you non-residents in your group.
  15. J

    How much powder should I use this weekend?

    I use a .50 caliber cap lock muzzle loader rifle and have always used between 100 to 150 grains of powder. I was listening to the recent KY Afield podcast and an expert said to use 50 to 75 grain. Is that enough? How much do you use? Do you use actual powder or substitute? I guess I'll sight my...
  16. J

    KY Fish and Wildlife Hunt Certificate

    KY Fish and Wildlife has a form that lets you create a hunt certificate. I thought it was neat. It would be ideal for a young hunter.

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