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    Anybody else?

    Yea my feelings are hurt. I'm gonna tell your mom to limit your internet access. Enjoy All I ever did was disagree with your tactic. You went to name calling and started a pissing match with your chest all swole. I'm moving on now, my work here is done.
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    Anybody else?

    Youre getting better at the personal attacks. I had a two man stand stolen this year. Stand hadn't been moved in 5 years. Sure it pissed me off. I would love to confront the punk that stole it. I would not, however, shoot him, nor would you.
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    Anybody else?

    LOL Good one. No, just someone that realizes you're full of poop and that scenario likely never happened. Protecting my belongings and sticking a gun in a dude's face for driving a truck on my property are vastly different. Carry on Rambo
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    Anybody else?

    I use proximity and assume the head of the suspect would be in the vicinity of the window,but i guess he could've been driving with his feet. And I guess you could be the next Rambo, the law would still not be on your side to use or even threaten deadly force in this case. You getting a set...
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    Anybody else?

    Trespassing is not quite a justifiable reason to shoot someone. I sure hope you never point a gun in someones face that may be more trained than you.
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    2015 deer hunting regulations change proposal

    We have some of the best deer hunting in the country. Our seasons are just right. Last thing we need is more government screwing it up. Not sure about the zone changes as I don't hunt those areas. However, where I hunt in West KY it's perfect. Sure glad the dude with the 30 county rotation...
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    LBL question and answer thread

    Deer weights are always that low over there. I guess its a combo of genetics and limited food from crops.
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    Treestand accident! Prayers Please!

    Sure will.......
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    Why the animosity on deer leases?

    out of state people seem to think that because they are paying for the land to hunt on, that they are entitled to kill whatever they want to. Uh, yes they are, I'd say..... Goodness, horns have ruined deer hunting for some.
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    Anybody Else Going To LBL Youth Hunt

    We'll be in 10. Look forward to it every yer. My son has killed three deer over there... Always a good time!
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    LBL youth question

    That's exactly right. My son killed three over there before he was 12. Just record the kill on paper., and have the quota permit and orange card handy
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    Jesus and Deer Hunting

    Some here confuse "church" with a building. That's too bad. Now that it's turned into an argument according to one, I shall now out. Good luck to all and God Bless.
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    Jesus and Deer Hunting

    Hebrews 10:25
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    Jesus and Deer Hunting

    No that's not religion, it's scripture. But to each his own.
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    Jesus and Deer Hunting

    To answer that. (Hopefully and respectfully) The Bible tells us to fellowship with like minded believers. Out of obedience we are to do this. You don't grow as a follower of Christ as much as you can unless you have other Christians to "lean" on. Church is a must. There are times when I hunt...
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    Any of youth have a youth drawn for LBL area 17?

    We hunted 17 a couple years ago. It's pretty thick. Good luck! Lots of folks will head down to the fields that back up to Hemitite. Saw several does, gotta be some big boys in there, it's just so thick they don't have to move much to stay hidden.
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    How would you deal w/ this trespasser?

    I hope this is the only response that the OP takes serious. What a novel idea, talking to someone face to face. Dude could be mistaken, or a jerk. Won't know until you talk to him. MOst of yall are too full of yourselves and too eager to destroy someone's property. Good luck....
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    Need your opinion

    I actually am in an argument with my daughter right now. She says she is holding out for a buck. I want her to kill the first thing she sees. I don't want my kids to think its about horns. My son gets it, he's 14 and killed a couple dozen deer. He likes to shoot!
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    Hope Outdoors

    This is such a wonderful opportunity to help someone have a great experience in the outdoors. Lord willing I will be a part of this hunt as long as Rodeo Man continues to host it. Can't wait! Thanks for your contribution
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    Turkey load swap

    Also remember that ammo companies suggest you try lots of loads, etc. start with one, if you don't like it, try another. Don't go buy 4-5 boxes to start with. Remember, dead is dead....

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