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    Leave them at home.
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    Anybody own a Honda Pioneer?

    Thanks for the feedback guys.
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    Anybody own a Honda Pioneer?

    Quote in July was under list which surprised me. Wait list was 80 units and up to a year . Curious to see what prices and leadtimes are now. Should have ordered then. Oh well, I can limp by with my old golf cart and four wheeler for a few months.
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    Anybody own a Honda Pioneer?

    Thanks guys. I’m not in a big hurry. I might get on a wait list if we can agree on a reasonable price. Leaning towards the 700.
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    Anybody own a Honda Pioneer?

    I'm considering buying a Honda Pioneer 520 or 700 (2 seater) within the next few months. Anybody Pioneer owners on here that can share your experience owing one? It will be used for chores around the yard and hunting. I have no plans for trail riding or working it very hard. Thanks.
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    Anyone ever legally fly with a firearm?

    Also, I would not use TSA locks on the gun case. Use standard padlocks. If they need into your case after check-in (unlikely), they will call you to open it.
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    Anyone ever legally fly with a firearm?

    You can pack ammo in your gun case with firearm. I packed the ammo in its original box and placed inside the gun case. Invest in a good case such as Pelican. My case has four locking points but I just used padlocks on two of the points. I removed one layer of foam and packed some hunting...
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    Secondary Rut is on!

    LuckyMan indeed!
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    Redneck, Muddy Blinds or other?

    Drake Farm Supply in Morgantown has several. I think they are Muddy. I think there is a place on Russellville Rd in BG that sells them. Maybe near Memphis Junction Rd? Don’t recall the brand or name of the place, just noticed them as I passed.
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    Haha. Thanks!
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    Lol, thanks. No, just a little weird.
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    Shot a decent nine pointer tonight. Got to farm at 1:50. Walked about 600 yards, found a tree to climb. Climbed tree secured climber seat. Was screwing bow holder into tree and looked over into drainage/thicket and saw him about 60 yards away. Said the heck with holder and began pulling bow...
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    Didn’t hunt today, but had a small buck chase a doe across four lane road around 11:30 am. Also watched a nice buck breed a doe around 4:45 this afternoon. Both were in Bowling Green.
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    SD card reader

    I have an Apple reader. You can select which photos that you want to import to your phone. The only drawback that I've found is that you can't see the complete photo prior to import. This is the only reader that I have experience with, so don't know if they're all like that.
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    All About Sports Store

    Was it where AFNI is currently located - between Walmart and movie theater near the mall?
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    What is ur..

    You need to work on your grammar too Your grammar is worse than his. You should ask an English teacher to help you with you with comma and apostrophes.
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    Bowling Green PD

    The morons should not have been in the street. However, The dude should have taken the high road and drove around them instead of trying to prove point. It’s a shame the cops didn’t keep the crowd off the street.
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    Guide Recommendation?

    Thanks. I’ll pass it along.
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    Guide Recommendation?

    My buddy was drawn for archery either sex. Any suggestions on a guide for archery bull? Any estimate on what a good guide will cost? Thanks.

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