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  1. Hoosier Sasquatch

    My new little archer

    That's fantastic!
  2. Hoosier Sasquatch

    Lost deer

    That could have happened to any of us. That said, I've heard this exact story way too many times from reliable sources. I bet it was stunned, just like stated by others. I consider that sucker alive until I'm standing over it, esp. when it just drops. Never had to do it yet but I've always said...
  3. Hoosier Sasquatch

    Autumn olive

    Apparently deer & many other critters like it-- but it is an invasive menace that chokes out large sections of woodland .
  4. Hoosier Sasquatch

    RIP Camera

    Yikes! I stayed in Eastern N. Carolina for a while and permanent stands were frequently destroyed by bears, along with signs or anything left out. My brother lived in a trailer down there while building his house. A bear got under the trailer and tore up his ductwork.
  5. Hoosier Sasquatch

    The "Last" Hunt

    As John and I got settled in the two-man ladder stand near an old stock pond, It was impossible to ignore the fact that there wasn't quite as much room as there used to be. I scrunched as far to the left as I could, to afford the young hunter that was now taller than me some more space. What a...
  6. Hoosier Sasquatch

    6th Sense in Whitetails?

    I have seen deer" wake up" for no apparent reason on more than one occasion. The most notable probably because it was the first deer I ever saw from a stand was a buck. I was perched on a weirdly steep ridge overlooking a bottom. A natural stand. A decent buck appeared in the distance, nose to...
  7. Hoosier Sasquatch

    Coyote Invasion ( video )

    I caught a mom and two youngsters earlier in the year.
  8. Hoosier Sasquatch

    Scored on a stud 8pt

    Great deer!
  9. Hoosier Sasquatch

    Coyote Invasion ( video )

    Seems to be a lot of them, though they haven't gotten the fawns using the same trails all summer. Maybe I should take up trapping.
  10. Hoosier Sasquatch

    Credit card companies and gun shops.

    Nothing good can come from this.
  11. Hoosier Sasquatch

    Nice Non-typical, coyotes, lots of fawns

    I hope I run into him later.
  12. Hoosier Sasquatch

    Nice Non-typical, coyotes, lots of fawns

    Only one buck but he's nice. The doe with the spot on her head is getting some age on her, probably 6 or 7 at least.
  13. Hoosier Sasquatch

    Nice 6

    That is cool. I' Think I'd rather have a big six pointer than some tens!
  14. Hoosier Sasquatch

    Please read. Scary stuff.

    we all should probably get "tick tested" once a year.
  15. Hoosier Sasquatch

    What was your first gun you ever purchased?

    A marlin 22 bolt that I sadly sold.
  16. Hoosier Sasquatch

    No Shrooms yet, but plenty of wildflowers

    For those of you that appreciate such things:
  17. Hoosier Sasquatch


    Give or take a day or three, the 8th is when I get to looking hard in Southern Indiana. I think we need one more warm day for a good pop.
  18. Hoosier Sasquatch

    I think I got a flying squirrel on camera

    What do you think? ( approx. 2:27 mark) I got some bucks, coyotes and other critters too.
  19. Hoosier Sasquatch

    Funny Hunting Stories

    I'll have to think about this. Last year the funny story was walking all the way to my stand only to notice that I'd left the bow quiver behind. lol
  20. Hoosier Sasquatch

    Bison down

    That's Awesome!

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