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    Food Plots (2)

    Jeff, Did you plant everything in the big food plot?
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    Should i let him walk

    If he had another year of growing, he would be a dandy. He's still a very nice buck.
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    Illinois Archery Tags

    I tried all day that Saturday and finally got through at 3:30pm. I was getting nervous. I hope I can get a firearm or muzzleload tag to go along with the archery tag.
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    Illinois season

    Creekhunter, Thanks for the clarification. I'll be calling this Saturday hoping to get an archery permit. There's alot of hassle for Non-residents, but if you can luck up on one of those big boys, it's worth all of the trouble. Hope you get a big one this year. Good Luck.. SM
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    Illinois season

    Creekhunter, I went to the Illinois DNR site to look at the permits that are left after the first draw. It shows permits for the full season, but doesn't show hardly anything for the first and second season. Do you know what that means? Thanks, SM
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    Small acrage Deer Farming (food plots)

    The quickest way to block the view, until the trees are established, would be to plant corn every year next to the road.
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    Multi, Do you know the season dates for Knox, this year?
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    Hunter found dead

    I have been 30+ feet up and had deer walk up from the down wind side on numerous occasions. That's why I prefer to get up higher, but always have my safety belt.
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    time to reflect

    I agree. I am a trophy buck hunter, but take my share of does every year for the meat. I've let several small bucks walk this year and understand the idea of a trophy is up to the individual.
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    Got my first deer!!

    Congrats on your first deer.
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    watch this

    I believe that I will stick to deer hunting..
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    About time!

    Nice buck... Congrats...
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    George W Bush's Monster Buck pic (couldn't resist)

    That's one for the books for sure......
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    Illegal world record?

    Those big boys only like to move at night. What a shame.....
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    TreeLeach's Monster Buck!!!

    Very nice....
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    My BGAD 8 point!!!

    Nice Deer.. Congrats...
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    Congrats.. Nice Deer...
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    Ft Knox Deer-Pix

    What a shame.......
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    Fort Knox, what the h!@# happened?

    Bonecollector/Multidigits, Do you think that the warm weather and the amount of acorns the first two hunts and the full moon on the last hunt had any impact?
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    average price

    McDenney, I believe to get a quality place to hunt, it's going to be pushing the $10 per acre price. The landowners know they can get it,if it's a good place to hunt. If you figure out the secret around this, let me know. If you need another person to go in with you to ease the cost, send...

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