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    Cumberland below Barkley

    Never been bowfishing. Something I'd like to try some time. Rod, how do you all like your Sea Ark 2072? I'm trying to find a Sea Ark 200 Easy or 240 Big Easy that I believe is based off of their 2072 and 2472 boats, respectively.
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    barney's Cheap Eatin' Thread

    Smoked a fatty last week and have some good pics but I'm currently getting my butt whipped trying to post them. :(
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    This chick gets it

    I thoroughly enjoy Brandon Tatum's (black guy there in the video nock posted) content. He's an ex-cop who's into politics to spread truth to other black ppl about the crooked democrat party using them and how the republicans are not the enemy of black people. He's brilliant and as I said...
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    Ignore Function

    Only one I ever have on here, or any of the other forums I'm on for that matter, is Grouse Guy. I think I ended up removing the ignore on bc it got annoying and sometimes confusing when people would quote him in every endless political discussion. Am I crazy, or has he disappeared since around...
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    prayers for Hurley

    Glad it worked out! I bet that was painful! Anything to do with the inner workings of the ear is painful! A cyst on the eardrum sounds like it'd be miserable! Any saving of his hearing in that ear?
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    IDK what you want or plan to spend on this meal... but Tony's and Jeff Ruby's you better plan on $70++/person plus any drinks if you want them but they do have the best bone-in ribeyes available in town. Columbia's, Malone's & Drake's (sister restaurant to Malone's) would be more like $50/person...
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    Isn't there flooding going on down there right now by the Opryland hotel area? And more rain coming? Luke's bar looks fun. There's definitely no shortage of places to go and see. I can't think of the name of the almost "world famous" place outside of town to go eat. It's out in...
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    Oscars, Jokers and other Irrelevant Items

    I don't watch any TV anymore except for sports and they're making it harder and harder to do so. I refuse to be a contributing force (audience) that ultimately gives these people fame then they turn around and spout off all this drivel and holier-than-thou elitist & enlightened mumbo jumbo. I...
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    Welding repairs near Lawrenceburg???

    Would you mind sending me a msg on who I need to stay away from in town? ;)
  10. SmokeShow

    22-250 vs 22 Nosler

    22-250 would be in an AR-10 platform, rather than AR-15, I assume?
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    Something else to think about.

    One rumor seemed to be indicating Biden was actually all the way down in 4th in Iowa. I'm in disbelief that there are that many socialist MFers voting for Bernie on the Democratic ticket. That's scary IMO. Saving grace to that is that, at least for now, just about any republican candidate could...
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    Eagle spotted in Mercer county today

    I do some work up in Carroll County and have seen one up there on more than one occasion but it's been a little over a year since we've seen any. It's always super cool seeing them. But honestly, it does suck what they, and hawks, can/will do to a rabbit and squirrel population though. :(
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    ANOTHER project I didn't need... Sigh...

    That is so badass. But I 100% would not use or allow Alexa to operate it. I wouldn't consider myself paranoid about "Big Brother" spying, but with knowing how much our smart phones already spy on us continuously, I'll resist having any such "listening device" in my house as long as possible...
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    Joe Biden’s Sister Valerie Sent Millions of Joe’s Campaign Dollars to Her Own Consulting Firm

    Pitiful ain't it? I'm also not foolish enough to think this type of thing is only prevalent in the Democratic party politicians. I believe it's wide-spread across both parties. An overwhelming majority of national politicians, on both sides of the aisle, end up extremely wealthy during their...
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    If you had to restart your career???

    Nurse Anesthetist always seemed appealing but I honest don't know. I sure as hell wouldn't be a civil engineer in the solid waste industry. Ugh!
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    Cats fought hard

    I guess given enough time, ol' big man coach, Kenny Payne, can make a player out of just about any big man! Glad Nick is finally playing good ball and doing so pretty consistently. Big win over the refs and TT. Mercy the calls were almost all favored one way.
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    Low carb menu

    Definitely better IMO. I LOVE the Mac's Salt & Pepper flavored pork rinds the best! Yum!
  18. SmokeShow

    No more Levis

    Been meaning to buy some of those jeans but haven't yet. I'm due some new jeans. Will order soon.
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    Low carb menu

    From Nov. 2017 to Dec . 2018 I lost 60 lbs. (needed to lose another 60 to be about right weight for my build & height) eating keto. Then spent 2019 gaining back half of what I lost. I'm disappointed in myself but I'm trying to get back into it. I'm much more towards carnivore keto than just...
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    What the heck is the FED up to?

    What are you going to do when someone doesn't find value for your precious metal coins/bars/ingots? If physical cash money ever became no more valuable than toilet paper, what makes you think other folks will find value in the precious metals again? Not knocking, I'm seriously curious. It seems...

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