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    I heard Daniel Cameron .....

    The biggest thing in my mind for Danial will have to overcome is his ties to Mitch since I believe he married into his family. Then he can focus on his less than stellar performance so far as AG. Another one of those hold my nose and vote for the lesser of the 2 evils Mayes
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    Bartender ....pour another round.

    Been fortunate to share a blind with you and Bob several times over the years. Always a great time. I was happy to run into him at lunch last week. Have a great opener and season. Mayes
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    Crappie vs livescope

    The lake i live on needs tons of Crappie taken out as they run small on average. The lower statewide limit has hurt us on that lake. Mayes
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    Comey and the Fake Trump Dossier

    If they are about to climax, lets pray they are shooting blanks Mayes
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    Whittaker price gouge?

    I never was impressed with Darrel either. Mayes
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    Black Talon

    they are still made, just called Rangers and do not have the cool black coating Mayes
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    body been to Cabelas in Charleston lately? .22 ammo

    I have had about 17k .22's for a while. I did not realize they were in short supply again. If you were closer to me i would hook ya up Mayes
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    Near death duck hunting experiences!

    Was this the late 90's? We were on Barkley out side of CADIZ when there was a tornado during duck season and the lake rose a foot Mayes
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    Waterfowl Season, Even on a Budget

    I can't believe no talk of thermal barriers and such Mayes
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    Democrats Prep to Blame Trump for the Coronavirus Economy

    Is anyone really surprised by this? Mayes
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    How Come

    I am curious about Russia. I have not heard of it being there Mayes
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    Trump, Coronavirus, Media????

    GG Since you are an old guy lets hope you do not contract this nasty virus. I would hate to miss your usual drive by antics Mayes
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    Trump, Coronavirus, Media????

    You must live in a different world than most everyone else. Please tell me did we really land on the moon or was it faked? Mayes
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    Cuomo Praises Trump’s Coronavirus Response: ‘His Team Is On It’

    Not sure that a Mayor could suspend peoples rights, but I am sure some will try Mayes
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    Trump, Coronavirus, Media????

    I was beginning to wonder where you were. Glad to see your usual drive by with no substance comments again so I would know what to believe. Mayes
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    Pond fishing

    Early ponds can be great as they warm up fast. Depending on the pond I use pretty much the same things I would use at the lake as far as weedless goes for bass since most ponds have a lot of grass. As for Crappie or Bluegill i use the same as anywhere else Mayes
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    Coronavirus (Chinese Flu) update

    IF! and this is a big if. China did this on purpose and is trying to bring down the US economically it may just back fire. We may hurt for a while, but the country will turn to other producers and diversify if possible to continue to manufacture and import the goods we want and need. I could...
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    when for skipjack

    When I was growing up we always seemed to catch them in late spring/summer under mulberry trees. That was the only time we ever targeted them and it was for catfish bait Mayes
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    Pelosi’s Recent Financial Disclosures Have Many People LIVID

    Senator Pelosi???? Mayes
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    Jussie Smollett indicted today

    Hope he doesn't beat himself up over it Mayes

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