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    Thinking about becoming a Redneck Blind dealer

    I would be interested
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    Black powder

    Who’s going muzzleloadin? I have never hunted the late one. Do the deer still move best The first and last hours of daylight ? Anyone seeing any second rut activity ? Are chances of killing a mature Buck a lot more slim vs rifle season? I’m going in the morning.
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    Local reloader .280 rem

    I should have been more specific. I’m need lead free .280 rem ammo. Cannot find it anywhere. I was hoping there was a custom ammo dealer in this state but I cannot find one. Ammoseek does have .280 rem lead ammo but I want lead free. Thanks for the replies
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    Local reloader .280 rem

    Does anyone know of any local reloaders that would be willing to make me some .280 rem ammo?
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    have you all ever seen deer leave an area due to coyotes? I had a lot of does on cam in September. Only one had a fawn. Come October I start getting coyote pictures regularly and stopped getting any doe pics. Near zero deer on cam for weeks even with a corn pile, but regular coyote pics. Does...

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