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    Cool little skunk

    How do u handle skunks as to not get all that stank all over u , and how do you get the stink off you ? I’ve got a skunk problem
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    Catfish samich

    A delicious catfish samich for supper
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    Deer Around You When You're Ready To Go

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    Cold weather socks

    Merino wool for me
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    I said the heck with it and let the arrow fly!

    Awesome congratulations
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    Looking for

    I need a navionics east map card for my lowrance . I remember someone on had one advertised a while back but I didn’t need one then , can’t remember who had it
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    Looking for a good squirrel recipe...

    I insta pot mine then make into dumplings or pot pie it’s a good way to use several squirrel s
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    Turkey Population

    Way down for me in Lincoln co also, TONS of coons & crows
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    Squirrel taxidermist???

    Everything is done gone crazy high
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    He needed another year
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    Found the match!

    Very nice find congratulations
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    Thoughts on your 2021 season??

    Much slower than years past deer numbers were WAY down about everything I saw a scrub buck 3-6 points
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    County kill numbers

    Very slow for me. Very few does several scrub buck s
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    Squirrel rut question

    Sitting in tree stands last couple of days I’ve noticed some squirrel s following each other closely behind like 3 -4 in a row, kinda like they was rutting , I always heard mid Jan around here was primarily when they rut ? Anyone else notice this behavior? What everyone thought on this?
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    Got him

    U made it count that’s a dandy congratulations
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    My first deer

    Way too go nice buck
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    Canned deer

    Yup last’s a very long time
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    My target buck

    If he makes u happy take him . He makes me happy
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    Fishing net for muskie????

    Clam brand Very pricey but aswome nets and safer for the fish
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    I’ve seen it all now

    Gotta say no

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