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  1. rather-b-huntn

    We need rain...

    Heard some guys say they were considering canceling gun season....
  2. rather-b-huntn

    Saw a peacock this morning

    Reminds me of my honeymoon in Punta Cana. Resort had one that strutted around the entire property. Yep, happy times that was. :) hmmmmm....maybe I should pick me up a peacock to take home this evening.
  3. rather-b-huntn

    How would you feel?

    It would be, IMO also. BUT are you going to continue hunting the rest of the season for a different buck? What if you shot, killed, and tagged a different buck and later stubbled upon the original buck? What do you do know????
  4. rather-b-huntn

    Baseball Playoffs

    I'm the biggest Reds fan there is but I don't hate the pirates. It will be kinda sad when we beat them Tuesday. All that time waiting to get back into the playoffs and they lose the first and only game. Not to mention them embarrassing us these last three games but none of that will matter. Poor...
  5. rather-b-huntn

    Deer mount back from last year

    Lol!!!!!!!! I agree!
  6. rather-b-huntn

    Baseball Playoffs

    Its already happened.....this team never reached it full potential due to his lackadaisical approach to motivation IMO. Neither do they.
  7. rather-b-huntn

    My best archery buck ever

    Thanks for sharing a great story! Congrats on very nice bow kill. I watched a show the other night where a guy killed a nice buck with a bow while wearing a full Santa suit..........just goes to show we can definatley go overboard with camo and scent. Cant kill em from the couch, way to take...
  8. rather-b-huntn

    Big Buck Tonight

    Great deer....crazy tree? Good luck on him.
  9. rather-b-huntn

    What's the skinny on Buckeyes

    I was told the same by an old timer. Buckeye = useless nut, that goes for the ones on the tree and the ones across the river.
  10. rather-b-huntn

    Monster 8pt on Pin Oak Stud

    CSS know your glassn his herd? Lol
  11. rather-b-huntn

    Scent blockers

    Not all deer are the same either. One farm I hunt is very remote and another is close to some houses. The remote farm you have to be on your toes as the deer spook extremely easily at the least bit of scent. The other farm, which I have a stand within 100 yards of a house, deer seem to tolerate...
  12. rather-b-huntn

    Scent blockers

    I believe the largest argument was the fact that the carbon in those suits could be reactivated. I have no doubt that carbon lined clothing can help contain scent at least for the first few times you wear them.
  13. rather-b-huntn

    My Buddy's Carter Co. kill

    Wow, I was expecting some good discussions to be stirred up from this article??? :confused:
  14. rather-b-huntn

    Baseball Playoffs

    I'm not positive but I believe the tie breaker is who one more regular season games against the other. Let's go Redlegs!
  15. rather-b-huntn

    What are the best rubber boots?

    Ones I own aren't even rubber? Well I guess the lowers are but the uppers are neoprene like material which would hold and transfer a lot of scent IMO. Not what you would want for deer hunting.
  16. rather-b-huntn

    Daughters first bow buck

    You should be proud! Congrats to your girl!
  17. rather-b-huntn

    East KY mast crop?

    More reds than whites in my area. Not a lot of either. What few whites we have are still holding tight... Should be a small window of opportunity when they do drop.
  18. rather-b-huntn

    This buck is about to drive me crazy.

    Good advice but not that simple necessarily. This time of year deer don't move great distances so by moving in the direction he is coming from could put you right into his bedroom which would be nearly impossible to get into without alerting him. Fine line to walk here IMO. Chances are he is...
  19. rather-b-huntn

    190 in Woodford

    Wouldn't be surprised. Already been 2 in the 180s posted on here...

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