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    Last Day Who’s in?

    The wife and I just got set up on a ridge top in Knox county all quiet no gobbles this morning. Hens yelping all around. Good luck to everyone out this am
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    Last Saturday…….

    Hunting Knox County farm I’ve heard a few gobbles from the roost then nothing all morning. Coming down to the wire!
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    Wow! Congratulations!! Sounds like a great hunt on a trophy bird!!
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    Anyone hunting today?

    My wife and I have been out since 8 this am. Blustery and cool here in Knox county. We haven’t heard a single gobble. We just set up on some fresh sign hoping one comes sneaking in.
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    Roll call 4/29

    Best day of hunting so far! I’ve heard at least 3 other guys shots in the distance. I’ve worked the same gobbler for an hour and a half. He is gobbling like crazy 50 yards away on a little hilltop. I have been giving him the silent treatment for the last 30 min. I can hear two other gobblers near by
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    Roll call 4/29

    I’m on the Knox county farm. Just getting light two birds gobbling from both sides of the holler. All fogged in! Good luck !
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    Late Season

    My wife and I both worked different bird’s yesterday at the same time on our farm. We had a blast! Dead quiet off the roost but both birds were going crazy about 9 am. We have been over run with hens and the gobblers haven’t shown much interest in our calls. The last couple years we have done...
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    My biggest by far

    Holy smokes!!!! I’ve never heard of one that big! Congratulations
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    The Wildman was blessed

    Congratulations! Great bird
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    04/23 who’s hunting!

    Sounds l Update…. had lots of gobblers around me this morning. They gobbled from the roost then absolutely silent all day. I’ve put on five mile’s climbing up and down these hills not a single reply so far. Beautiful day to be out I’ve been scouting sheds and old deer sign more than hunting!
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    2023 Morel season

    Turkey hunting Friday my wife was following me down the trail and found one! She was so excited she let out a holler I thought she found a big shed or something. This was in Knox County
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    Quick Morning Hunt - 4/21/23

    I absolutely love when they drum! Congratulations!
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    04/23 who’s hunting!

    I finally made it out for an early morning hunt! My new job has kept me from hunting mornings. I normally haven’t hit the woods until 9 o’clock. All week gobbling has been sparse and I’ve dealt with henned up birds. Good luck to anyone that made it out today!
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    K Knox
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    Had a great morning! I worked two different Tom’s both henned up but lots of gobbling around the holler. At noon I was headed back to the house climbing back to the top of the ridge. I came around a big oak and holy smoke nearly stepped on a rattler! Huge one! The picture didn’t do it Justice I...
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    Roll Call Last Week of Deer Season

    Getting ready to head out for the last afternoon sit of the season. Overcast warm here but what the heck might as well finish the season. This is my second season on my new farm in Knox County. I have yet to shoot a Buck. I am really trying to build the herd here and made the decision I would...
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    Roll Call Last Week of Deer Season

    Beautiful day for sure. I am hunting some NF lands in Clay Co. just climbed up a hill sitting off a bench covered with deer trails. The view is absolutely beautiful still some snow up here!
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    Roll Call Last Week of Deer Season

    I’m still here! I have been covered up with does last couple of sits with this cold front. I haven’t seen a single Buck but getting them on cameras after dark so I at least know they’re here. Good luck!
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    Buck or Doe?

    I am leaning towards Buck for sure. I studied the videos and pics and think I see it as well. Another interesting point it was all alone both times I saw it. Most of the does in my area have always been in at least pairs, three or four. I haven’t seen many single does. I really hope nobody shot...
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    Finally got some meat!

    Congratulations! I finally did the same second to last day of muzzle loader. My wife wanted a back strap for Christmas dinner and without a doubt it was excellent!

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