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  1. gobbl4me

    Rumor Has It ...

    Man that thing is a stud. I would almost give my left one to kill a deer like that! Congrats to the hunter.
  2. gobbl4me

    hornet nest ?

    Manzanita I'm not trying to get anyone hurt. This was from an episode of duck Dynasty, anyone with any Common sense knows if you disturb any kind of bees or hornets they will sting you even at night. Since you seem to be the resident Entomologist, you should also know that european hornets don't...
  3. gobbl4me

    hornet nest ?

    What pentail said but do it at night Hornets don't sting at night. :D
  4. gobbl4me

    .270 Winchester

    I shoot the 130 grain core lokts myself, I tried the Winchester ballistic tips and my gun hated them along with the federal 130 grain rounds.
  5. gobbl4me

    We are so small....

    yep Bill what you say about some people not having Internet may be true, but you may not post Your Pics on this or other sites but you sure don't have a prob posting every big deer pic that is killed in Ky on every other site you are a part of.
  6. gobbl4me

    Lbl trip

    I would call them first before you waste a trip down here. They may not be open for anything with this Gov shutdown.
  7. gobbl4me

    Lyon County

    There are few and far between good deer in Lyon county, unless your hunting in the LBL or down towards the Trigg county area. I have lived here all my life and very few good deer come out of the northern section of the county. I know a couple guys from Fl who bought 2 farms up here in the...
  8. gobbl4me

    Would you support a statewide 15" minimum antler spread

    You know it is a sad state of affairs when a parent would deprive a child of the opportunity to kill a deer just because it doesn't meet the criteria of the parent for what a trophy is. I would never tell a child no you can't shoot that buck, if it is the one they wanted to shoot, just because i...
  9. gobbl4me

    Do you carry a handgun while hunting?

    I can neither confirm or deny the presence of a handgun on my person while hunting.
  10. gobbl4me

    Rage Broad Head

    It's a good thing you know where you are at cause if you didn't you would never find yourself after being stuck with a Rage broadhead!
  11. gobbl4me

    Zimmerman trial....

    If he is found not guilty and folks start rioting and burning crap, it would be the perfect scenario for obama to call in the russian troops as peacekeepers.
  12. gobbl4me

    any body hunt for campbell today?

    I gave up on hunting Ft Campbell yrs ago it just became to much of a hassle, and i am retired military with a Ft Campbell base sticker on my truck.
  13. gobbl4me

    Hb 150

    well we might as well get rid of those dang free landowner tags and licences while we are at it, at least the senior/disabled costs a little bit of money to pad the coffers of the KDFWR.
  14. gobbl4me


    nope not at all.
  15. gobbl4me


    I have one had it installed over 5 years ago. It is a defibulator/pacemaker. I don't even know its there except for thehard spot under my skin on my upper chest. I would rather have it and never need it than to need it and not have it.
  16. gobbl4me

    corn rut petition

    I'm not sure what it is called, but i will be sure and ask Mr. Roarke next time i see him.
  17. gobbl4me

    corn rut petition

    In my opinion they should have 1 ten day season and you can use either a gun, bow,or crossbow whichever you want. That would be the end of it, make all baiting illegal including food plots and only allow 2 deer to be taken with a doe being the first animal before you could shoot a buck and the...
  18. gobbl4me

    New Interstate in southwest Indiana could bring changes to western Kentucky.

    I agree with smash how does just changing the designation of a highway make it better? You got the pennyrile, west ky , I24 and the purchase are all now part of I69. They have always been here so whats changed other than the name?
  19. gobbl4me

    So, numbers??

    I live in a zone 1 county and besides the buck i shot yesterday evening. I have only saw 3 other deer the whole season 1 spike and 2 does. Last year we were seeing deer everytime we went out, but this year they are hard to come by.The deer have everything they could ever need here also food...
  20. gobbl4me

    Anyone think the Fort Campbell rules are worth the trouble?

    if it is anything like what you have to go through to turkey hunt, then i also would say NO.

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