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    NKU Bass Club Boat Drivers Needed (2)

    Hey guys, sorry for such short notice but our normal boat drivers found out they had something going on this coming sunday (October 7th), and our bass club at school has a inter-squad qualifier out of craigs creek. If you or anyone you know is interested in helping our team out by being a boat...
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    Bass Fishing at Rough River Lake

    I know there is already a thread on this lake but im looking for info on specifically the bass bite, thats why I made a new thread. So what is producing down there right now? Are they still in typical pre spawn locations? Thanks for any info!
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    Wilgreen Lake

    Hey guys just looking for a littly info on this lake as I may be heading down there this weekend. The only thing im really looking for is what the Water clarity may be and little things like that. Thanks for any info!
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    2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

    I know this isnt the forum to post this buts its the one I visit most often so here it goes, I am looking at this vehicle so does anyone have any opinions on this year jeep or any opinions on the jeep cherokees period?
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    Anyone ever fish Brookville this time of year?

    Thinking of heading up there just to wet a line. Anyone ever fish up there this time a year? I was thinking instead of going all the way to Dale I could maybe head up there and hook into a few smallmouth. Any input is appreciated.
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    Mercury PRO MAX Outboards

    Thinking of purchasing a boat here soon that has this outboard on it. Anyone on this Forum run this motor? What are your expiriences with it? Also if nobody has ran it have you heard anything good or bad about them? Thanks for any information.
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    Winter Smallie Jigs

    Hair Jigs. And the F & F
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    Elmer Davis Report

    Any of you all that live down by Elmer Davis care to give me a report on the water color? Or any guesses on if you think it will be muddy this weekend or not? Thanks
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    sunday fishing in petersburg

    Brian, I've been out on the river twice in the past few weeks bass fishing. There have been a ton of people crappie fishing. They have been catching alot of smaller ones with some bigger ones mixed in. Try Goose creek, and paints lick.
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    2011 Season

    And a few more.
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    2011 Season

    Here are some more.
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    2011 Season

    Well since MasterB posted up some pictures of his season, I figured I may as well do the same, so here are some pictures of fish from this year. Most are from Bullock Pen, Ky Lake, Lake Bershear, Cedar Creek, Rocky Fork, and some pond fish.
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    some kitty cats from the rising sun catfish tourney...

    Whats up Brian ? Its Brandon that worked for the city with you ahah, I didnt realize you posted on this site, but good fish man.
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    Weight Guess?

    3 and a half to 4 lbs
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    How big is he?

    4 and a half to 5 lbs. Good fish !
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    Few more Bass fishin pics....

    Is that the canal ?
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    Anybody Bass fish Beshear Lake?

    Fantastic lake.... we fished it on the way back from barkley a few weeks ago for a few hours one evening, alot of bluff type banks and things of that nature. Its really a cool looking lake, oh yeah and the fishing isnt bad either, caught 1 over 5 and another over 4 one was on a deep crank and...
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    Gas Mileage

    Nah, the boat only does 45-50 at best. Maybe the boat is 16.5 ft.
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    Gas Mileage

    Can anybody roughly estimate what kind of gas mileage a 93 Mercury 90 HP 2 stroke motor will get? Its on a 15.5 ft Pro Craft
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    Anybody fish bullock pen lately?

    Bass fishing is pretty solid, ive fished 3 tournaments this year, the first one i got 2nd with 6 lbs 6 ozs the second one i won with 10 lbs 12 ozs and the third i didnt do any good but it was won with 17 lbs 3 ozs, thats one big sack of fish, and they were caught in the pouring rain on this past...

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