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  1. useyourbow

    Wanted…Summit replacement seat

    For a climber?
  2. useyourbow

    Deer hunter attacked by dogs

  3. useyourbow

    Rut status in Henderson County???

    It’s over. You missed it. Bring your fishing poles.
  4. useyourbow

    Anybody notice the thing on Biden’s lip during speech today

    Bernie had some of the same on his chin. Must be feeding from the same Soros hog trough. Mitch too but he used our trust and hope to wipe off his face.
  5. useyourbow

    Out of state bowhunt checklist

    A bottle of Kentucky bourbon. It would be rude to show up empty handed. Plus, plan on buying dinner a couple nights and volunteer to do the dishes. For hunting as mentioned take a blind, lock on and mobile climbing sticks. If anyone older than 60 says "hunt over there" you better hunt over there.
  6. useyourbow

    Turkey and deer bait

  7. useyourbow

    So what can we do?

    I have said it before and will say it again. Turn it off. The TV news, the apps, the reality shows. God and family first. The ability to defend them next. Good or bad it is all part of God's plan. Those who think they are greater than God and believe they can bend his will are in charge now. By...
  8. useyourbow

    Mapped: Afghan refugees headed to 46 states

    Pawns on the socialist chess board, just like those from Central America.
  9. useyourbow

    Kroger Issues Warning as Inflation Balloons Beyond Company's Predictions

    Not a fan of Hollywood by no means but they have a tendency to create movies that predict future events. Everything from "Outbreak", "Contagion", heck even Chuck Norris's film "Invasion U.S.A" has relevance with the 9/11 attacks. We are seeing the "Hunger Games" developing right before our eyes...
  10. useyourbow

    Hi, Ali here!

  11. useyourbow

    Potential new ky record

    People wouldn't be inspired to cheat or fake deer kills if the rest of us wouldn't go all Kardashian when they do.
  12. useyourbow

    The earth's water supply isrunning out

    No worries Covid will kill off half the population and then there will be plenty of water, ask Dr. Fauci.
  13. useyourbow

    Shooting Wounded Deer After Legal Shooting Hours

    I searched but did not find it so apparently not which is a shame. Could be another add-on criminal charge levied against those who shoot a undesirable buck and leave it laying.
  14. useyourbow

    China Dispatches Warships, ASW Aircraft and Fighter Jets off Coast of Taiwan Following Fall of Afgha

    They killed 650,000 of us with their first try at germ war fare. If it wasn't engineered to kill foreigners why hasn't the population of Wuhan been decimated? 12 million people living elbow to elbow, give me a break.
  15. useyourbow

    Shooting Wounded Deer After Legal Shooting Hours

    Yet if you left the wounded animal, a animal you wounded and it went to waste that to would be a crime as well. So, I would suggest calling the game warden from the scene, explain the situation, and seek his guidance or SSS or jump on it with a knife.
  16. useyourbow

    thinning the herd, virus shot

    Maskless on a plane? Must be nice to be a part of the elite. Also, going to be hard for Biden to push vaccines if the representatives in his own party aren't taking it or maybe the vaccine is just a placebo?
  17. useyourbow

    No sir!! NO SIR!!!!

    The internet and social media is like a crack in the drive way. You can patch it, fill it, ignore it or cover it up but the damage is done and will never be the same. At the same time you need it, depend on it, and for the most part makes life better. Unfortunately the country/society is so far...
  18. useyourbow

    Throw and grow

    Generally speaking the main ingredient will be rye and will green quickly with moisture and contact with the dirt. Draws in more hunter dollars than deer.
  19. useyourbow

    The Truth, I copied this !!!

    Webster Dictionary Journette noun Definition of journette 1: a foolish or stupid person"… journette now that I am to wear my heart on my sleeve! …"— George Bernard Shaw 2: dated, now offensive, see usage paragraph below : a person affected with extreme intellectual disability
  20. useyourbow

    I thought this was hilarious

    Hilarious. What is even funnier is when that photo was taken Cosell was considered the odd one.

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